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Climatic Hazards

What the still centre of a tropical storm (hurricane)called? Eye
A sudden and severe flood due to heavy rain. Flash Flood
An unusually high tide, associated with areas of low pressure and on-shore winds (Holland) Storm Surge
Known as hurricanes in the Caribbean, cyclones in the Indian Ocean and typhoons in the Far East. Tropical Storm
At what temperature does the water have to be to trigger a tropical storm? 26-27.5C
The semi-arid zone south of the Sahara where drought & desertification is happening Sahel
The process by which fertile land in dry areas becomes desert. Desertification
The gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature, which may be caused by an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global Warming
Rainfall which has become acidic due to air pollution from burning fossil fuels. Acid Rain
A long continuous period without precipitation. Drought
Atmospheric gases ( e.g. carbon dioxide & methane) prevent heat escaping out to space Greenhouse Effect
When did Hurricane Katrina occur? 29th August 2005
Which city did Hurricane Katrina affect most? New Orleans
Name 3 physical impacts Hurricane Katrina caused? Storm surges, Rainfall, Strong winds and tornados
Created by: debdobz