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Art Vocab

Foreshortening The modification of perspective to decrease distortion resulting from the apparent visual contraction of an object or figure as it extends backward from the picture plane at an angle approaching the perpendicular.
Earthworks An environment that is out-of-doors
Vanishing Point In linear perspective, the point on the horizon line where the parallel lines appear to converge.
Impressionism The use of discontinuous strokes of color meant to reproduce the effects of light during the 19th Century in France.
Implied Line A line created by movement or direction, such as the line established by a pointing finger, the direction of a glance, or a body moving through space.
Megalith A huge stone used in prehistoric architecture.
Naturalism A brand of representation in which the artist retains apparently realistic elements but presents the visual world from a distinctly personal or subjective point of view.
Flying Buttresses an exterior arch on many gothic churches.
Sublime That what impresses the mind with a sense of grandeur and power, inspiring a sense of awe.
Fresco Painting on plaster either wet or dry.
Radial Balance A circular composition in which the elements project outward from a central at regular intervals.
One Point linear perspective Only one vanishing point in the composition.
Two Point linear perspective 2 or more vanishing points in the composition.
Icon The study and description of images and symbols.
Contour Line The perceived line that marks the border of an object in space.
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