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World Regional Geo

Final Exam

How many square miles are there in Australia There are 3 million square miles in Australia
This the only what continent? The only island continent
Australia is the largest or smallest continent? The smallest continent.
What language is spoken in Australia A queens form of English is spoken in Australia
What is the Capital city in australia? The Capital city is Camberra
What is the largest city in Australia Sydney is the largest city.
What great ocean feature is near Australia? The great barrier reef is off of the coast of Australia.
Australia was used as a place for what kind of people to be sent? Australia was a place for prisoners to be sent
What type of government is Australia? A parliamentary government
How many people live in Australia? There are 21 million people.
What is the Northern Border of Australia The Pacific Ocean
What is the Southern Border of Australia? Tazmania and the Southern Ocean
What is the Western Border of Australia? The Indian Ocean
What is the Eastern Border of Australia? The Pacific Ocean
What is to the South East border of Australia? Tazmania - (This is part of the continent)
Are all areas of Australia inhabited? There are still Aborigines areas where people live?
the 7 areas of Australia 1) West Australia 2) Northern Territory 3) South Australia 4) Queensland 5) New South Whales 6) Victoria 7) Tazmania
What types of groups are based in New Zeland The head of research and development for the South Pole
What is the capital of New Zeland? Wellington
What type of Government is New Zeland? A parliamentary democracy
How many people are in New Zeland There are 4 million people
What are the closes neighbors to new Zeland? New Caladonia and Fiji
What islands are considered to be a part of Mellanesia? Fiji, Indonesia, Soloman Islands
What islands are considered to be a part of Micronesia? Guam, Marshall, Nauru
What islands are considered to be a part of Palonesia? Cook Islands, French Polonesia, Pitcarih Island, Island of Somoa, Tonga
What is the largest continent? Asia
How many people live in Asia? 4 Billion
What countries are in Central Asia? 1) Old Soviet Union 2) Kazakhstan 3) Kaygystan 4) Tajiksten 5)Turkmenistan 6) Uzbekistan
What countries are in Easter Asia? 1) China 2)Hong Kong 3) Japan 4) Macau 5)Taiwan
What countries are in Southern Asia? 1) Aphganistan 2) Bhutan 3) India 4) Iran 5) Maldives 6)Nepal 7) Pakistan 8) Sri Lanka 9) Bangladesh
What countries are in Western Asia? 1) Armenia 2) Azerbaijan 3) Bahrain 4) Cypress 5) Gaza 6) Georgia 7) Turkey 8) United Arab Emerite 9) Yemen
What countries are in the Middle East? 1) Iraq 2) Israel 3) Jordan 4) Kuwait 5) Lebanon 6) Qatar 7) Oman 8) Saudi Arabia 9) Seria 10) West Bank
What countries are in Southeast Asia? 1) Indonesia 2) Malaysia 3) Singapore 4) Thailand 5) Vietnam 6) Korea 7) Cambodia
What are the financial centers of Asia? 1) Hong Kong 2) Singapore 3) Tokyo
What are some major religions followed in Asia? 1) Buddhism 2) Hinduism
Some religious sites in Asia? Three major religions were born here. They were born around the Deltas of 2 Rivers. The Tigris and the Euphrates.
What is the weather like in the middle east? The weather is very hot, dry, and arid.
Where is the "middle east" located? It is located in between Europe, Asia, and Africa.
The borders of the "middle east" are... Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Asia, and Europe
What languages are spoken in the Middle East? Arabic, Persian, Syriac, Hebrew, Turkish, Greek
What is significant about the African continent? Africa is the only continent that is divided equally by the equator. Is experiences winter and summer at the same time.
How many countries are in the continent of Africa? 40 countries
What are the countries in Easter Africa? Veruni, Camaro, Dajoti, Aretria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Milawi, Moritios, Mosambik, Rowanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
What are the countries in Middle Africa? Angola, Camaroon, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Gabone, Sao
What are the countries in Norther Africa? Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Tunesia, West Sahara, Canary Islands, Cueta, Madera, Morroco, Melilla
What are the countries in Souther Africa? Batswana, Lasotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland
What are the countries in Western Africa? Benign, Percina, Caper Verde, Cote, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mahli, Morataneya, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sieraleon, Togo
What is one of the largest mountain ranges? Mt. Kilamanjaro, in South Africa
Some basic ideas about Africa... Has gold, diamonds, and oil. Nigeria is the 6th largest crude oil supplier.
Africa is the worlds..... Africa remains the worlds most underdeveloped continent.
What is the African Union? The African Union is ran by President Gertrude Mandella. She is a political and Financial Leader.
The culture of Africa is ... vastly diverse...
South Africa Has 3 capitals. Cape town, Pratoria, Blue Fontaine.
South Africa Gained freedom from the british.
South Africa Had an Apartheid Government, but lost it in 1994 because the UN pressured the country to break from this form of government.
Nelson Mandella A gentleman who spend many of his years in prison because he so strongly protested the ways of Apartheid. While he was in prison he remained in close contact with many of the protestors he spoke with before.
South Africa As the UN put more pressure on South Africa, they slowly changed to more of a democratic government. In 1994 Apartheid broke and Nelson Mandella became the first president. He is retired today but still stays involved in some government roles.
South Africa and Nuclear Power Nuclear Power is still used today in the forms of Energy and Medical Research. They are the first and only country to completely end their nuclear weapons program. The UN has even come in to check and say that their weapons are all gone.
Created by: CorynneNicole