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Ch.1 - Intro To Psyc

Intro to Psychology

What is Sampling Bias? Data INFLUENCES one way or another so data no longer represents the entire population.
Adrenal? Triggers Adrenaline "Fight or Flight"
Psychoanalysis? Past, Childhood, unconscious mind.
Who is associated with Psychoanalysis? Sigmund Freud
Who is associated with Behaviorism? John B. Watson & B.F. Skinner
Behaviorism is? Environment is key, Measures behavior, observes
Humanism is associated with? Carl Rogers
What is Humanism? View the positive in everyone. More love to people. Rejects behaviorism and psychoanalytical
Cognitive Perspective? Thinking. Mental Process. Memory. Brain.
Who is associated with cognitive perspective? John Piget.
How do Behaviorist feel about Free Will? Free Will = Illusion
Developmental Psychology is? Psychological changes Emotional changes over a course of a life span.
What is Psychometrics? Tests that MEASURES intelligence.
Educational Psych is? Curricula and Training of teachers.
Counseling psych is? Supervision & Training. Prevention and Health.
Industrial/Organizations Workplaces. Well being of its employees and its people.
What is Theory? Combines, Organizes, Predicts Behavior. Like a Question.
Hypothesis is? Testable prediction. like an opinion.
Independent Variable (I.V) Whats being Given
Dependent Variable (D.V) Whats being Measured.
Confounding Variable (Extraneous) Factors outside you cant control.
Experimental Group is? Being Experimented on.
Control Group? "placebo group"
Experimental Bias is? A preference toward a end result expected by the experimenter.
What is a placebo? Water Pill. Something Subjects take thinking its the actual product.
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