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SOL Terms

Tresky SOL Terms

smooth coastline the reason the continent of Africa does not have many harbors
thatched roof common type of dwelling or house in the Pacific Islands
desertification when arable land turns to desert; occurring in the Sahel in Africa
Trans Siberian railroad that was built from Moscow to Vladivostok; serves as a key transportation link in Russia
Hindus and Muslims religious conflict in India is between these two groups
Five Pillars main beliefs by which Muslims live--profess faith in Allah, pray 5 times/day, give to the poor, fast during Ramadan, make a pilgrimmage to Mecca
Siberia area of Russia covered in permafrost, but rich in natural resources such as coal and oil
polytheistic belief in many gods
Great Wall of China cultural symbol of China stretching 4500 miles which was built to protect ancient China from invading tribes
Water most precious resource in the Middle East
Great Dividing Range arid plain or dry plateau of western Australia known as the Outback
Koran Holy book of the Islamic faith
monotheistic belief in one god
Caste system social hierarchy in India where people are born into a particular group
Suez Canal vital shipping lane that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
Oil many countries of the Middle East are leading producers of this nonrenewable resource
Landlocked many of the countries in Africa have no direct access to the coasts because they are surrounded by land on all sides. This is called _____________.
Mecca holy city to the Muslims
OPEC controls the supply and price of oil markets worldwide; Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Torah holy book of the Jewish religion
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