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SOL Review Key Terms

Tresky SOL Review Key Terms

literacy rate tells the percentage of people who can read and write
densely populated the average number of people living there is very high
polar map projection that is distorted around the edges; used by airline pilots
capital the money and machines used to produce goods and services
imports goods that are being brought INTO a country from another country
immigrant a person who moves INTO a country
rural the countryside
NATO military alliance formed in 1949 for the common defense of Europe against the communist Soviet Union
absolute a place's exact location on the globe (ex. latitude and longitude)
exports goods that are moving OUT of a country
latitude the distance a place is north or south of the Equator
life expectancy the average age people live to be in a country
arable land that can be farmed
commercial the type of farming where crops and livestock are raised to sell in the market; modern techniques and equipment allow farmers to produce more food with less workers
birth rate the number of babies born per 1000 people
urban citylike; the growth of cities
death rate the number of deaths each year per 1000 people
relative where a place is located in relation to another place
Mercator map projection that is distorted in the polar areas making Greenland larger than South America; used by sailors in ship navigation
emigrant a person who leaves or EXITS a country to move somewhere else
earthquakes occur along the plate boundaries; Japan experiences more of these than any other country in the world
renewable resources that the environment continues to suppy or replace (soil, water, or sun)
longitude the distance a place is east or west of the Prime Meridian
compass rose the part of a map used to identify map orientation (direction)
Robinson map projection that is most commonly used in educational materials (textbooks, maps)
sparsely populated areas that have very few people living there
OPEC this group's main goal is to control the production and price of oil
Prime Meridian this imaginary lines passes through Greenwich, England; divides the earth into the easter and western hemispheres
subsistence the type of farming where family members are growing just enough food for the family; basic tools used; animals and humans main source of labor
fossil fuelsq coal, oil, natural gas
legend explains the symbols used on a map
scale the part of a map used to show the approximate distance between two places
equator the imaginary line that divides the earth into the northern and southern hemispheres
human resources skilled laborers or workers
NAFTA created a free trade zone between the US, Canada, and Mexico by eliminating tariffs on goods
EU an economic and political group formed to allow free movement of people, goods, and services between member countries
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