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Bus Final 5,6,7,8p1

Business Writing 205 Final -part 1

Which of the follow ending sentences is best ending for a routine message? Since we are beginning production on the 10th please send your response by the fifth.
The Fifth Top level of Maslow’s basic needs Self Actualization
Which of the follow sentences is a favorable reply to an inquire message asking for permission to print an article? You have my permission to print the article.
Which of the follow is the best opening to a favorable response to an inquire to use the writer as an employment reference? Yes, you may use me as a reference
Persuasion is opposite of force
The Fourth level up of Maslow’s basic needs Esteem & Status
The First level up of Maslow’s basic needs Physiological (survival)
The Second Level up of maslow's Basic Needs Safety & security
The Third level up of Maslows Basic needs Social
In a hard copy favor response message in which the subject line is not used the necessary identification information is best placed EARLY in the message in an incidental form.
What are messages to correct an error? Adjustment grants
2. Choose the most appropriate beginning for a message routine acknowledging an order? a. Your August 11 order of lg smart phone will arrive …
2. Which of the following sentences best begin routine direct claim message? Seven of the Walden china set received under invoice 1234 were broken
The most important approach to follow in writing a message presenting the facts about a claim is to? forthright and courteously present the facts.
Which of the following situations would require an indirect approach? When the reader is not expecting bad news.
Created by: tinafici
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