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World Geography

SOL Review

Siberia Large area of land in Russia stretching from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean
English Channel Cooperation between England and France has increased with the construction of the Chunnel underneath this body of water.
Infant Mortality Rate Good health care in a country helps lead to a low
High Prairie The Great Plains in known as
India The Ganges Rivers is located in this country.
Mecca, Saudi Arabia The center of Islamic world is
Black Sea The countries of Turkey and Russia both border this body of water.
Land Locked Countries that are disdvantaged because they depend on neighboring countries in order to trade overseas.
Refugees Wars and famine can often cause a flood of ______ across borders to other countries.
Ninety Degrees North & South The Poles are located.
Deforestation The Sahara Desert is shifting south in a process called . . .
United Nations The organization that uses peacekeeping troops is
Developed, Tertiary Service industries are found in _____ countries and are ______ economic activities.
Diversified The United States has a very _________ economy.
NAFTA, Trade Barriers is an economic alliance between Canada, the United States and Mexico which removes _____ _____.
High Birth Rages Developing countries have . . .
Developed Countries Countries that have High Per Capita GDP.
Standard of Living Many physicians in a country is a measure of this.
Conflict the unequal distribution of natural resources is a cause for . . .
Subsistence Argriculture farming for survival.
Primary Economic Activities The industry of most developing countries is centered around agriculture, forestry, mining, and fishing.
Unskilled Labor Many developing countries have poor education systems and a large pool of . . .
Great Dividing Range The mountain chain along the eastern edge of Australia is called
Caspian Sea The larest inland body of water found in Asia and bordered by Kazakhstan, Russia, and Iran
Bering Strait The body of water separating Alaska from Russia is called
Colonialism or Imperialism European policy of conquering and controlling much of Africa and Asia in the 1800s and the early 1900s was known as
Developing Countries Most countries of Africa are economically considered
Spain the strait of Gibraltar separates Africa from this country in Europe.
Rhine Sea The major river in Europe that flows north throught Germany
Denmark The main country in Europe on the Jutland Peninsula
North Sea Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdon all border this Sea.
Adriatic, Aegean, & Mediteranean Seas Greece is bordered by the three seas
Alps European mountain range of Switzerland, parts of France, Italy, German, and Austria.
Pollution One negative impact of increased urbanization is increased . . .
Urban America's population is gradually shifting from rural to . . .
Ghettos As cities grow and urban sprawl increases, inner-city decay occurs and poor areas are left in cities which become known as
Pittsburgh, PA A city in the Rustbelt known for the production of steel.
Russia Novosibirsk and Bladivostok are two cities in this country which grew up along the Trans-Siberian Railroad.
Capetown, South Africa City that grew as supply station in the Cape of Good Hope.
London, Paris Major cities located on the Thames River also is the capital of the United Kingdom, and the capital of France on the Seine River.
Fall Line Rapids and small waterfalls where the piedmont meets the tidewater.
Richmond City located at the fall line.
Red Crescent The Red Cross is one organization that tries to help regions in which humans are sufffering,
Peace-Keeping Troops The United Nations sometimes tries to mediate conlict by sending these to a region of war.
Balkan Peninsula, Rwanda & Burundi Where Serb and Croats are fighting in Africa
Organization of American States In American,each country belongs to this political allicance
OPEC economic alliance of countries which export oil and often restricts production in order to influence world market prices.
Russia & Nigeria Examples of countries rich in natural resources but access to them is difficult often making them unprofitable to develop.
European Union An economic alliance tha removes trade barriers between member countries.
Infant Mortality Rate Developing countries often have a high _______ for babies.
Investments Capital resources refers to money that is used for
GDP, Urban & Tertiary Developed countries usually have high per capita___, large ____ population, and much of the workforce is engaged in ____ economics activities.
Export Many countries of the Persian Gulf region are singel ___ countries.
Japan One of a few examples of a country with few natural resources, but with a developed economy.
Iron, Great Lakes, Coal, & Appalachian The Great Lakes region of the country has traditionally been an area of steel production because the ____ is easily shipped from Minnesota on the ______ and ____ is railed from the ____ Mountains.
Uneven A big reason for conflict in the world is the ____ distribution of natural resources.
Contamination Using nuclear energy helps the environment because it burns clean, but if the waste is not securely stored, it may lead to radioative ____
Manufacturing, Service A large portion of the population in developed countries holds in ______ jobs or _____ related jobs.
Skilled Developed countries have better educational systems which lead to more ____ workers.
Arable Land suitable for agricultures is called _____ land.
Cultural Diffusion The culture of the U S has spread worldwide, this process is called
Pull Factors People are drawn to certain countries dut to ___ ___ such as employment oportunities, personal freedoms, and land availability.
Push Factors People move from one area to another due to ___ ____ such as wars, religious persecution, political persecution, famine and disaster.
China, one Has the largest population in the world and the government limits families to ___ child(ren) per family.
Unevenly, climate, water, and resources Humans are distributed unevenly around the world due to factors such as_____, access to ____, and location of natural _____.
Great Barrier Reef A major oceanic feature in the world is the ____ ___ ___ found off the coase of Australia.
India, Caste System Hinduism is primarily found in India and a major aspect of theis religion is the ____ ____.
Japan, Taiwan, & South Korea Asia has several developed countries such as ____ and the newly developed smaller countries of ____ and ____ ____.
Ural Mountains Divide Europe from Asia
Primary Economic Activities Mining and agriculture are usually large portions of the economies in developing countries.
Infrastructure Highways, railroads, airports, and power lines all are parts of a country's
Arabin & Turkey Most counties of the Middle East are ___ in culture, except Iran, Israel, and _____
Birth rate Developing countries usually have high _____ ____ and very young populations.
Soil Glacial action, floods, and volcanic activity all are destructive processes which provide the side benefit of good ___ for agriculture.
Atlas One of the few mountain ranges in Africa is found in the north called ____ Mountain.
Oil The primary natural resource of the countries near the Perisan Gulf.
Gibraltar, Suez Canal The MEditerranean Sea connects to the Atlantic Ocean by the Strait of ____ and to the Red Sea by the ____ ____.
Danube The major rive of Europe which empties into the Black Sea.
Alps The Mountains that seperate Spain and France.
Andes Mountains run down the western side of South America.
Andean Desert on the western coast of South America.
Urbanized, Employment In all areas of the world, the population is becoming more ____ as more and more people move to cities in search of ______.
Roman Catholic Spanish exploration of Lain America explains why most people of the region of the _____ _____ religion.
Commercial Farming. Farming cash crops in developed countries for profit is called . . .
North American Free Trade Agreement The trade agreement between the countries of Canada, Mexico, and US is called . . .
Artic Ocean The Ob River in Russia flows north into which ocean.
person Another way to put "per capita" is to say "per person."
Gross National Product GNP stands for
Gross Domestic Product GDP stands for
Amazon, South The ___ River in the continent of ____ America is the largest river in the world.
Kirthar, Pakistan, India The teritorial/religious conflict between Muslims and Hindus is over the carea called _____, which is between the countries of ______ and ______.
Catholic & Protestian The conflict in Northern Ireland is centered around two groups of Christians.
Jerusalem The city that is holy to Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
Culture Japan and Korea are examples of countries with predominantly one ______.
Ethnic, Genocide Yugoslavia has recently history of ethnic conflict ______.
Spanish, Portuguese Most people of Lain America speak _____, except in Brazil, where the official language is _____.
English & French The two official languages in Canada are _________ and _________ (Quebec.)
Arabic The language spoken by most people in the middle East.
Synagogue A house of worship for someone of the Jewish faith.
Mecca the Kaaba is found in the holiest city for Muslims.
Islam The main religion of the Middle East.
Africa, Africa The Middle East includes North _______ and Southwest ______.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization The military alliance between the United States, Canada, and much Europe is called . . .
Great Plains, Canada Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas are just some of the states in the ______ ______ which stretch into the neighboring country of ________.
Non-renewable resouces Coal, oil, nuclear fuel are all examples of______________.
Renewable Resources Trees, wind, water, and solar are all examples of . . .
Appalachian, Germany Acid rain is a problem in the __________ forests of North Amerca and the Black Forests of __________.
Rice The staple crop grown in Southeast Asia.
U.S. & Mexico The geographic area of Lain America begins at the border of ________ & __________.
Mexico City Smog and air pollution is a tremendous problem in this Central American City.
Deforestation a problem in the Tropical Rainforests region.
Drying Up The Aral Sea is _______ because water is being diverted upstream for agricultural use.
Erosion Wind, ice and water all cause. . .
Monsoons Seasonal wind shifts that bring rain part of the year and dryness part of the year.
Tornadoes The U.S. has the most of this type of weather than any other country.
Typoons Hurricanes are called _____ when they occur in the Western Pacific.
Biomes Taiga and Boreal are types of _____ found in the sub-artic regions Canada and Russia.
Middle Areas in between which eperiences seasons are called ______ Latitudes.
High Areas near the poles that are usually cold in temperature are called ______ Latitudes.
Low Areas near the equator that are usually warm in temperaure are called the _____ Latitudes.
Moderate Large bodies of water have ______ local air temerature.
Elevation An area near the equator might have cold temperatures if it is high in __________.
Average, Rainfall Cllimate is defined by the measurement of _______ temperatures and _____ amounts.
Sea/ship The mercator map projection popularly used for __________ navigation
Korea, Korea The DMZ divides North____, from South ______.
Distorted All flat maps are ______.
Soviet Union Many new countries were formed in the world around the year 1990 with the breakup of the former _____ _____.
China, Soviet Union Considers Taiwan to be part of its country, while the breakup of the former ___ ____.
Taiwan This country was given back to China by Britian in 1997.
West Bank & Gaza Strip Two areas inside Israel that serv as Palestinian territories.
Palestine Before 1947, the land that Israel now occupies was known as . .
Physical Topographic maps have contour lines in order to show ______ changes.
Thematic Maps Population, climate, and economic maps are all types of _____ map.
Political A map the indicates artificial boundaries such as country borders and cities.
Relief A map that shows the earth's features such as mountains and rivers.
Longitude & Latitude ________ and ________ is a superimposed grid on the earth's surface used to find location.
Relative Location A location on a mpa using other locations as reference poinst is called. . .
Absolute Location An exact point on a map is called . . .
Cardinal East, South, North, and West are all _____ directions.
Intermediate Northwest and Southest are examples of ______ direction.
Direction Another goegraphic word for term "orientation."
Scale The bar on a map that indicates distance is called . .
Antarticia Treaty Most countires of the world have agreed to this treaty, a treaty which forbids permanent development and military use.
European NATO is a military alliance between the US. Canada, and many _______ countries.
Nations An economic alliance in Southeast Asian is known as ASEAN Association of Southest Asian ________.
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