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Baroque and Band

notes on the Baroque period and composers of RCHS's first semester pieces

Messiah Handel 3 parts Oratorio
From a long line of musicians Bach
A priest in Venice Vivaldi
uses text painting in "Spring" Vivaldi
Lived most of his life in England through born in Germany Handel
"Little" Fugue in G minor Bach
BWV Bach collection of all his works... and some not his created in 19th century
Musician for a girls' orphanage Vivialdi
the four seasons Vivaldi
Soli Deo Gloria Bach signed all of his manuscripts this way only to god the glory
known for his italian opera and English Oratorios Handel
wrote in every musical genre except opera Bach
Cantata Vocal genre
three forms and which is most important in an Oratorio? Vocal or instrumental? Vocal genre three forms recitative, aria, chorus most important the chorus
three forms of opera and which is the most important? Vocal or instrumental? recitative, aria, chorus most important is Aria and vocal
most important textures in Baroque music polyphonic and homophonic
Baroque composers worked under this system the patronage system
two most important places music was played court and church
two sections of a Baroque Fugue Exposition and Episode
a baroque melody is complex, long, monothematic, instrumentally concieved, repeats
describe baroque rhythms metric and motoric
baroque visual artists Rembrandt Peter Paul Rubens
visual art and architecture emotionally charged, ornate, use of light and shadows, high contrasts, paintings on the ceiling, dramatic, extravagant
Baroque accompaniment texture Basso Continuo
Concerto grosso is associated with what form? and instrumentally or vocally concieved ritornello (reoccuring) form instrumental means friendly contention/conflict
Baroque is called he age of paradox/contrasts, and absolute monarchs
how big was the typical baroque orchestra 20-40 people
which family of intstruments was most important in the baroque period strings
more vocal or instrumental music? neither, before in history had been more vocal but for the first time instrumental music seems to be of equal importance
baroque doctrine of affections Music calls forth emotions (which some thought could be scientifically measured etc.)
name one baroque scientist and his invention/discovery Galileo and the microscope
name baroque monarchs and contry which he ruled Charles II of England
oratorio vocal and means speech or prayer
suite instrumental genre
mass vocal genre
Fugue Instrumental genre
Harbinson U.S. Contemporary Introduction Dean of Appalachian School of Music
Custer U.S. Contemporary arranger of water music
LaPlante U.S. contemporary English country settings
Handel German-British Baroque Water Music
Bach German Baroque composer Prelude and Fugue Come Sweet Death
Reed American Contemporary Aranger of come sweet death
Mohlman American Contemporary Prelude and Fuge Arranger
Gruber Austrian Baroque Romantic Stille Nacht
Chip Davis American Contemporary Stille Nacht Manheim Steam Roller
Grundman American Contemporary Little Suite
Molto Sostenuto e largamente very sustained and broad
Molto Expressivo very expressive
molto sostenuto very sustained
Poco Allargando a little slower
molto ritenuto al fine very suddenly slower to the end
allegro quick
andante walking tempo
rallentando slowing down
diminuendo gradually softer
allegro maestoso quick and majestic
D.C. al fine from begining to the end
meno mosso less motion/slower
agitato e crescendo poco a poco ageitated and get louder little by little
mosso motion
tempo I original tempo
a tempo previous tempo
alla giga in the style of a jig
tempo primo first tempo
lento slow
piu mosso more motion