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Bible Semester Exam

might have been the "naked man"
referred to John Mark as a "son"
had the tribal name Levi
wrote Acts
wrote about the flood in the NT
wrote his gospel account to the persecuted Christians in Rome
said Matthew wrote the Gosple according to Matthew
abandoned Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey
are the inner-circle of Christ's disciples
are the "sons of thunder"
betrayed Jesus
baptized Jesus
is know as the "doubter"
deniend Christ 3 times
was in charge of the disciples' money;John's gospel says that this person stole from that fund
was a potentially violen revolutionary
was a Pharisee who sought Jesus out at night
was the high priest when Christ was brought before the Sanhedrin
whom do the Jews ask Pilater to release instead of Jesus
who is the high preiest during Christ's trial
who was a doctor
who was a fisherman
who was a tax collector
who was a disciple
who was the author of other books in the Bible
who had a mother named Mary
who was a companion of Peter
who was a companion of Paul
who was a Gentile
who emphazied prayer
crowd of 5000 that Jesus fed...Jew or Gentile
syrophoencian women...Jew or Gentile
Jairus and his fmaily...Jew or Gentile
women with a bleeding disorder...Jew or Gentile
the crowd of 4000 that Jesus fed...Jew or Gentile
legion...Jew or Gentile
what is the setting for Christ's temptation
where does Peter first make the confession that Jesus is "the Christ"? why is this significant?
Jews used baptizm during the exile in what country
Jesus was baptized in what river
Jesus' first miracle was at a wedding in...
Jesus healed the royal officials son, even though the son was a day away in...
where did Jesus speak with the women at the well
which sea does Jesus calm
Jesus was anointed with perfume in what city? at whose house?
after the Passover, Jesus and his disciples go to what mount? what garden?
what did Caesarea Philippi used to be called? why?
Matthew, Mark and Luke are known as the what Gospels
which gosepl account is generally considered to be the earliest
matthews gospel is written to what group
John's gospel is written to what 3 groups
Lukes's gospel is addressed to what individual
God's command to be fruitful and multiply is called what
how many times does Matthew quote the OT
which 2 gosples include a genealogy
how many "signs" does John include
how many "I Am" statement does John include
which gospel is the shortest
what word does Mark use 41 times
to whom does Christ first send out of the 12
in its form, baptizm is what kind of ceremony
Jesus cleared the temple courts during what religious event
how many times has the Samaritan women been divorced
Christ tells Nicodemus that in order to be saved, one must be...
Immanuel means...
what is the name of the Jewish ruling council
the cleansing of the temple takes place in what "court"
what time of the day does the Samaritan women go to the well
how long does Jesus stay in Samaria after speaking with the women at the well
Samaritians except what Jewish text, but little else
A Markan technique in which one story begins but is interrupted by another one before ending
living by the law to earn slavation is called what
parables are meant to serve what two purposes
a statement expressing something true or false is called a what
what does "apostle" mean
who rules hell
what animlas does Jesus cast demons into
which Jewish group did not believe in the resurrection
what does Hosanna mean
what kind of tree does Jesus curse
"Christ" means...
what word actually means "suffering"
the study of end times is called what
define sound
define valid
judas betrays Jesus how
despite the flase witnesses, the Sanhedrin is finally able to convict Christ of what crime
Peter's first 2 denials are to what kind of person
Pilate finds Christ innocent how many times
when Jesus comes back from praying in the Garden, HE finds HIs disciples doing what? what were the supposed to be doing?
what does the "cup" represent
what does "apostle" mean
what does redemption mean take back what was once yours
what does redemptive history mean God working through time to get things back to him
why do we believe that John Mark got his information for the Gospel from Peter Peter essential in Marks account, eyewitness detail and Mark is not an eyewitness, Peter calls Mark "son", Mark treats the 12 harshly, Papias says so
what are the 2 purposes of the Gospel accounts encourage those who already know, convert for unbeleviers
define "coventant" promise that results in a bond or relationship
using all that we have studied, give me a presentation of the Gospel message. This answer needs to be a minimuim of 5 good sentences
explain the difference between signs and miracles sign points to something beyond just a miracle
why was Jesus baptized public announcment, annointing of Spirit, sign of submisson, fully identify himself with sinners
tell me 3 tempations that Jesus went through, and tell me what particular "test" Satan is using in each one stone to bread-body throw yourself off temple- mind bow down-eye
define persuction. tell me how Christ's "yoke" can be easy if persection is a promise suffering for what you believe in, he is refering to his teachings
why did Jesus clear the temple zealous for right worship, zealous for the things of God, hatred of sin, fulfillment of prophecy, purity of Gods people
what is significant about the collection of the 12 baskets at the feeding of the 5000 and the collection of 7 baskets at the feeding of the 4000 God provides more than we need, 12=tribes(jews),7=completion(Gentile) 5000-gentile 4000- jews, satisfied both jew and gentile
what are the 3 parts of a standard/simple syllogism major and minor proposition and conclusion
be able to explain the parable of the tenants, including what each group represents land owner-God,farmer/tenant- Jews, servants- prophets, son-Jesus, others- Gentiles
why is it significant that Bartimaeus threw his cloak aside that was all he had and he understands the cost of salvation
what is important about the Jews waving palm branches when Jesus rides into the city palm branches- symbolize their flag so they are welcoming their king
why does Christ curse the fig tree? what does it represent? was in flower so it should have been producing fruit, religious leaders,frames the clearing of the temple
what should our reactions to the end times do not fear, be prepared, spread gospel, maintain daily task
what purposes are there to mary's pouring perfume on Jesus 2nd annointing, preperation for burial, love and devotion
why might the Jews want Barabbas released barabass tried to over throw Rome when Jesus didnt
why might Pilate give in to the Jews on Jews bad side, satisfy Jews, Tyberius was pro-Jewish
know the Passover symbols, and what they represent lamb-lamb, bitterness- bitterness of slavery, bread- hurried flight out of Egypt
what announcment does Jesus make at the Passover a disciple will betray him, passover is being replaces by the Lords supper
Created by: jordyn.leigh
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