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Vocab Unit 14 D D

Jenkins Vocabulary Unit 14 Definitions 9th Grade level d

Annex v. to add to, attach; in incorporate n. an attachment or addition
Cleave v. to cut or split open; cling to
Cordial adj. in a friendly manner, hearty; cheery; n. a liqueur
Cornerstone n. the starting point of a building ; a fundamental principle or element
Debacle n. an overwhelming defeat, rout; a complete collapse or failure
Devitalize v. to make weak or lifeless
Embroil v. to involve in a conflict or difficulty; to throw into confusion
Exonerate v. to clear from a charge or accusation
Glib adj. ready and fluent in speech; thoughtless, insincere
Haphazard adj. by chance, not planned; lacking order
Improvise v. to compose or perform without preparation; to construct from available materials
Incite v. to rouse; stir up, urge on
Influx n. a coming in, inflow
Pallor n. an extreme or unnatural paleness
Pedigree n. a list of ancestors, family tree; history or origins of something
Precipitous adj. very steep
Profuse adj. very abundant; given or flowing freely
Reconcile v. to restore to friendship; to settle ; to resign (oneself)
Shackle v. to put into chains; n. a chain, fetter
Threadbare adj. shabby, old and worn
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