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Cook's Vocab 79151

Stack #79151

Final Vocab WordDefinition
fraught full of; plagued by
arbor leafy recess of trees
subjugated brought under complete control
amoral without ethical restraint
malefactor criminal; someone who has done wrong
gallants close companion; good friend
comely pretty
dulcet sweet; pleasant
virtuous moral; chaste
witty keen; quick thinking
caustic critical; sarcastic
momentous of great importance
quenching stopping
nonchalant cooly unconcerned
amiably nicely, kindly
exemplary worthy of imitation
abode dwelling place; homestead
mordacious sharp, caustic in style
retorted answered quickly
pernicious destructive; exceedingly harmful
interjected to throw between; insert
a plethora of a copious amount of
enraptured filled with delight
perdition hell; destruction
succumb to give in to; to yield
vociferated to protest
dogmatic strongly opinionated; dictatorial
cocksure overconfident; certain
upbraided to scold; told of wrongdoing
venerable deserving of honor or respect
minion a servant-like dependent
presumptuous assuming something arrogantly
melancholy depressed sadness
diatribe bitter criticism (verbal or written)
shrewd mischievous; cunning
nuptial wedding vow
beatitude blessings spoken (allusion to Bible)
foiled to ruin
misconception wrong belief
chauvinist one who is partial to a particular group
meandered gone in an indirect route
predestined determined beforehand
prattle pester; argue like kids
thwart to put a stop to
contemptible deserving of scorn
sycophant a servile parasite; flatterer
covert secret; clandestine
impetuousness impulsive, overeager behavior
rendezvous a meeting, usually for a specific task
sanctioned to authorize or allow
transpire to come to pass
clandestinely secretively; "incognito"
discourse conversation between two people
abhor to hate intensely
portent an omen of something about to happen
avow to swear solemnly
prevaricate to evade the truth; to lie intentionally
congregate to gather in one place
inebriated drunken
miscreants misfits; persons without morals
subsequent occurring later; following in time or order
expounded elaborate; restate with more detail
incorrigible not accepting of or allowing correction for misbehavior
heinous atrocious; evil, horrible
animosity a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
unintelligible not able to be read or understood
choleric easily angered; red-hot
calumnious harmful and often untrue statements
rite ritual; ceremony
cogitate to ponder or meditate on
Created by: tjcook