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Madi's Reading

People or animals who part in a storys action Charcters
The reason or reasons that explain why the charcters act as do Motivation
Writer describes character Direct characterization
Writer reaveals character through actions Indirect characterization
Reccuring theme, expressed in different cultures Universal theme
Sequence of events Plot
introduces the setting Exposition
Time and place Setting
Introduces the conflict Rising action
Problem Conflict
Turning Point Climax
Conflict ends Falling action
In ribbons where did the grandma come from Hong Kong
Conclusion Resolution
How would you desribe Mr.Bueller in the story seventh grade Agrreable, laydback, relaxed
In the poem Loo-Wit what happens to her while she is sleeping She erupts
Clues early in story to hnt the reader Forshawdoing
What is theme of the story Bear Boy
Who is the main character of the bear boy Kou-Haya
How does Rikki-Tikki tavi act after killed Karrot He feels proud of himself
Who is the main character in the treasure of lemon brown Greg
How does Victor try to impress Treasa on the first day of french class He raises his hand so it sounds like he knows french
What id gregs main problem in te treasure of lemon brown He failed math so he cant play ball with the scorpians
In stroy when story gets interrupted Flashback
General name given to literary techniques Irony
Language spoken by particular people Dialect
Figures of speech using like or as Similes
Using an object to represent an idea Symbol
Words that imates sound Onomatopeia
Repition of constant sound at begging of word Alliteration
Compares to things without like or as Mataphors
Human qualities to nonhuman thing Personification
Visible on page shape Concrete
use of sound more than once repition
repition of vowel ex blade maze assonce
repition of fimailer sound at end ex. wind sand consonance
ex. speech teach rhyme
ryhmical pattern meter
songlike poem that tells a story ballad
story poem narrative
three line japanese haiku
poetry with lack of structure free verse
funny five line poems with specific pattern limmericks
pairs of ryhming lines ryming cuplets
hesitantly tentavily
showing shyness timid
one becomes member of group initiation
failed to take care of neglected
came back to consiousness revived
great deal immensly
something that conforts a person thts dissapointed consolation
draw attention away distract
belief conviction
optional course elective
serious solemn
produces an effect upon affects
luminous give off light
curve swerve
speak utter
small mammal weasal
bends crouches
unravel untangle seperate
force form position dislodge
strong tough sinewy
strong muscular brawny
upper legs haunches
Created by: spammaid
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