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Lit.midtermGrace G.

Reading midterm question and answers

What are the five elements of plot? rising action, exposition, climax, resolution, and falling action
The problem of the story is introduced in this step: Which one is it? rising action
When is the setting of the story introduced? exposition
Which type of characterization is revealed through the dialogue of the character? indirect characterization
What part of the story does Lemon Brown reveal his treasure to Greg? falling action
What is the setting of the Bear Boy? Long ago, in a Pueblo Village
What happens in the rising action of the Bear Boy? Kuo-Haya finds the cubs
Who is the author of Rikki-Tikki Tavi? Rudyard Kipling
What is the exposition of he short story, Rikki-Tikki Tavi? House is a bungalow, in India late 1800's
What is the exposition of the story Ribbons? Grandmother moving from Hong Kong
What are some specific examples in the book, Ribbons, that give glimpses of the character and characteristics? Talks about her feet, and not very affectionate
When Grandmother arrives, why does Stacy think she can start ballet again? What does her father tell her? She thinks that since her Grandmother is here she that she can start ballet again Her dad said soon very soon
Why would history not allow sameness? Why would the community take the memory of history away from the citizens? They don't want them to know about past things and they don't want them to feel pain
What was the shocking about Jonas' father releasing the twin? The shocking thing is that Jonas' father killed the baby and he lied to Jonas also he showed no emotion while releasing the baby
What was Lemon Brown's treasure? a harmonica and some newspapers
What part of the story does Lemon Brown reveal his treasure to Greg? falling action
Who is the main character on "The Treasures of Lemon Brown"? Greg
Why does Lemon Brown give the treasure to his son? he wants his son t feel proud of him
What happened to Lemon Brown's son? he was killed at war
Why does Greg enter the building where Lemon Brown is staying? he knows his father will lecture him when he gets home
What conflict do Greg and Lemon Brown share? they must face a group of thugs
Lemon Brown tells Greg he was heart broken when his son was killed at war
In "The Bear Boy", why doesn't Kuo-Haya's father spend time with his son? he is still sad over the death of his wife
Vocabulary is the next slides: look at next card
What does torturous mean? characterized by torture
What does placidly mean? calmly;peacefully
What does stench mean? strong, foul odor
What does wry mean? produced by a lopsidedness of the facial features; twisted
What does billow mean? swell out
What does pervade mean? spread or be present throughout
What does ecstatic mean? overwhelmed with joy;enraptured
What does daub mean? smear
What does obsolete mean? no longer in use old fashioned
What does wisp mean? fleeting trace
What does assuage mean? torment;agony
What does ominous mean? menacing;threatening
What does carnage mean? great slaughter;massacre
What does luxuriating mean? indulging in pleasure
What does grotesquely mean? in a distorted or bizarre manner
What does skitter mean? move rapidly over surface
Created by: geghead