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Jordan's lit. stack

literature review for finals

failed to take care of neglected
long spear lance
turquoise greenish blue gemstone
came back to consciousness revived
a great deal or very much immensely
a godsend valuable gift a providence
drain sluice
firm hold purchase
cleverly cunningly
eggs of small chickens bantams
something that comforts a disapointed person consolation
spainsh gestures of greeting friends raza style... saludo de vato
spanish word for man ese
optional course elective course
make an unpleasant expression by contracting the eyebrows and lowering the corners of the mouth. scowl
belief conviction
serious or somber solemn
produces an effect upon causes a change affects
easily hurt sensitive
timid not showing anger meek
use gentle persuasion coax
taking to much effort or work laborious
physical work exertion
What can you infer about grandmother based on her reaction to the ribbons you can infer that grandmother is very sensitive to the idea of ribbons biding feet.
What happend to grandmothers feet when she was a child her feet were foot bound
how would it feel to wear to toe shoes it would hurt and possibly make your feet bleed
describes one thing as if it was something else metaphor
gives human qualities to something that is not human personifaction
use like or as to compare two very unlike things similes
anything that represents something else symbol
the repition of consonant sounds in the beggining of words alliteration
the use of any element of language a sound word phrase clause or sentence more than once repitition
Created by: NEvballrox