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R3adiNG STudy ReVieW

reading study guide for finals

Describes one thing as if it were something else. A metaphor
Gives human qualities to something that is not haman. personification
Uses like or as to describe two apparently unlike things. simile
anything that represtents somethinf else. symbol
introduces the setting. exposition
rising action introduces conflict
Highest point of tension n a story. climax
The story's conflict lessons in the... falling action
the story's conclusion resolution
people or animals that take part in a story's action. characters
Way a writer reveals a character's personality characterization
message about life expressed through different cultures. universal theme
Sequence of events in a story. plot
writer describes the character. direct characterization
Writer reveals carcters through action and words indirect characterization
in Ribbons, where did the grandmother come from? Hong Kong
In Ribbons, what is Stacy's favorit thing to do ? Ballet
why are the grandmother's feet deformed? the point ballet shows
How does rikki tikki tavi feel once he kills karrot? amussed
who was Rikki Tikki fighting? Nag and Nagiana
Who was Rikki Tikki Protecting? Teddy and his family.
what kind of animal is Rikki Tikki? a Mongoose
In the story "Seventh Grade", who does Victor have a crush on? Thereasa
In seventh grade, why does Micheal scowl at girls? They think its cute
How do you describe Mr. Bueller after what happened to Victor? Rather understanding
why did Victor run to the library at the end of Seventh grade. To study french
What does Thereasa ask Victor to do at the end of the story? Asha Victor yo tutor her.
In Stolen day, what disease does the narrater have? inflamatory Rhuematism
What fish does the narrater in stolen day catch? a carp
What are tools writers use to enhance their writing? literary devices
Clues in a story that tell of events that will happen later on. foreshadowing
placement of a scene in a story that tells of past occurrences. flash back
name given to techniques that include surprising contradictions. irony
Form of language spoken by people of a particular region or group. Dialect
The message given in a story. theme
repetition or consonant sounds in the beginning of words. alliteration
the use of any element of language. repetition
repetition of vowel sounds followed by different sounds in stressed syllables. assonance
repetition of similar consonance sounds at the ends of accented syllables. consonance
The use of words that imitate sounds. onomatopoeia
repetition of sounds at the ends of words such as speech and teach. rhyme
A rhythmical pattern in a poem. meter
Type or poetry that tells a story in verse. narrative poem
a three lined japanese verse poem. haiku
Poem where the writer expresses his or her feelings or thoughts. Lyric poem
Poetry defined by its lack of strict structure. Free verse poem
song like poems that tell a story, often about adventure or romance. ballads poem
Poems that are shaped to look like their subjects. concrete poem
Humorous rhyming five line poems with a specific rhyme pattern and rhyme scheme. limericks
Pairs of rhyming lines usually of the same meter and length. rhyming couplets
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