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Anna's Lit Review

Midterm Literature Review

What are the two types of characterization? Direct and Indirect
The five elements of plot are rising action, falling action, ________________, exposition and resolution. Climax
In what element of plot is the setting of the story introduced? Expostion
What type of characterization is revealed through the dialougue of characters? Indirect Characterization
Who are the people or animals who take part in a story's ation? Characters
What is the way a writer reveals the character's personality? Characterization
What is the central maessage expressed in a story? Theme
______________ is a message ablout life that is expressed in different cultures and time periods. Universal Theme
The sequence of events in a short story is... Plot
___________ is the time and place of the story, characters and situation Setting
What introduces the conflict or problem? Rising Action
The turning point of a story is the... Climax
What is the part of a sotry when the conflict lessens? Falling Action
The story's conclusion is the ... Resolution
What is the use of clues early in a story to hint at events that are going to occur later? Forshadowing
What is an optional course you take in school? Elective
To make an unpleasant expression by contracting the eyebrows and lowering the corners of the mouth is to... Scowl
What is a belief? Conviction
What is another word for serious or somber? Solemn
What are poem lined divinded into lines? Stanzas
A ________ describes one thing as if it were something else. Metaphor
____________ gives human qualities to something that is not human. Personification
What uses like or as to compare two apparently unlike things? Similes
What is anything the represents something else? Symbol
The repetition of constant sounds is... Alliteration
The repetition of vowel sonds is ___________ Assonance
What is the use of words that imitates sounds? Onamatopia
Repition of sounds at the ends of words is, Rhyme
What is a three-lined Japenese poem? Haiku
Poetry that expresses the thoughts and feeling of a single speaker are Lyrics
Songlike poems that tell a story are Ballads
What type of poems are shaped to look like their subjects? Concrete Poems
Humurous, rhyming five line poems are Limericks
What enhances a poem's mood and meaning? Sound Devices
The use of any element of language twice is Repitition
In the story Seventh Grade, who does Victor have a crush on? Theresa
How are the stories Stolen Day and Seventh Grade alike? The both embarrass themselves.
In the poem The Desert is My Mother, is the title a metaphor or a simile? Metaphor
In the poem Bailando who is the author talking about? Her aunt.
In the poem Rider, what is the author trying to escape? Loneliness
What type of poem is Seal? Concrete Poem
Created by: annaz26