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Kelly's Lit Stack

Reading Midterm Review

What are the two types of characterization Direct and Indirect Characterization
What is theme Central message expressed in a story
What is the life message that is expressed in different cultures and time periods Universal Theme
In the story "ribbons" where did the grandma come from Hong Kong
How would you describe Mr. Buler in the story "Seventh Grade" Understanding
In the poem "Loo-Wit" what happens to her while she is sleeping They were kicking her sides down
Who is the main character in "The Bear Boy" Kuo-Haya
What inntroduces the setting Exposition
What is the time and place of the story, the characters, and the situation. Setting
What introduces the conflict or problem Rising Action
How does Rikki-tikki-tavi feel after he killed Karait Proud
Who's the main character in "Lemon Brown" Greg
What is the turning point of a story Climax
What is the part of a story when the conflict lessens Falling action
What does Stacy want to go back to doing once her grandma came to her house Dancing
What is the story's conclusion Resolution
What is the use of clues early in a story to hint at events that are going to occur later Foreshadowing
Why does Greg prefer to go to the tenement the n going home It is calm and his father doesn't yell at him because of his grades
What is the mood of the story when it is raining in the "Lemon Brown" Sad and gloomy
What is the difference between Greg's reaction to the thieves then Lemon Brown Lemon Brown is using courage while Greg is some what scared
What is the placement of a scene within a story that interrupts the events to reveal occurnces Flashback
What is the general name given to techniques that involve contradictions. Example-amusing Irony
What is the form of language spoken by people in a particular region or group Dialect
What are poems that are usually divided into lines then grouped Stanzas
What is writing or speech not meant to be taken literally Figurative Language
What descibes one thing as if it were something else Metaphor
What gives human qualities to something that is not human Personification
What uses LIKE or AS to compare two apparently unlike things Simile
What is anything that represents something else Symbol
What enhances a poem's mood and meaning Sound Devices
What is the repitition of constant sounds in the beginning of words Alliteration
What is the useb of any element of language-a sound, word, phrase,clause, or sentence-more than once Repetition
What is the repetition of vowel sounds followed bydifferent consonants in stressed syllables as in "blade and maze" Assonance
What is the repetition of similar consonant sounds at the end of accented syllables like "wind and sand" Consonance
What is the use of words that imitate sounds Onomatopoeia
What is the repetition of sounds at the ends of words Rhyme
What is the rhythmical pattern in a poem meter
What is poetry that tells a story in verse Narrative poetry
WHat is a three-line Japenense verse form that the first and third line are 5 syllables and the second line has 7 syllables Haiku
What poetry is defined by by its lack of strict structure Free Verse
WHat poetry expresses thoughts and feelings of a single speaker, often in musical verse Lyric
What are songlike poems that tell a story, often dealing with adventure and romance Ballads
What poems are shaped to look like their subjects Concrete
What are humorous, rhyming, five-line poems with a specific ryhme pattern or scheme Limerick
What are pairs of rhyming lines, usually of the same meter and length Rhyming Couplets
What is unsheduled or unplanned Impromptu
What is slightly open Ajar
What is hesitently or with uncertainty Tentatively
Showing shyness Timid
Process by which one becomes a member of a group Initiation
failed to take care of Neglected
Came back to consciousness Revived
A great deal or very much Immensely
Something that comforts a disappointed person Consolation
Optional course Elective
Make an unpleasant expression by contracting the eyebrows and lowing the the corners of the mouth scowl
Belief Conviction
Serious or somber Solemn
Produces an effect on; causes a change Affects
Great musician Maestro
Giving off light Luminous
Curving motion Swerve
Speak Utter
Small mammal that eats rats, mice, birds, and eggs Weasel
Dig a hole for shelter Burrow
Stoops or bends low Crouches
Become untangled or seperated Unravel
Force form a position or place Dislodge
Tough and strong Sinewy
Strong and muscular Brawny
Upper legs and hips Haunches
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