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Lauren's Literature

A review for finals of literature

Which short story element names the problem that one or more characters face? conflict
The part of a short story in which the main character and setting are indroduuced? exposition
Failed to take care of neglected
long spear lance
In the story ribbons where did the grandmother come from? Hong Kong
Hesitently with uncertainty tentaviley
Unschedualed or unplaned impromptu
Slightly opened ajar
Showing Shyness timid
showing shyness initiation
came back to consciousness revived
a great deal; very much immensly
Who is the main character in the Bear Boy Kuo Haya
something that compforts a disappointed person consolation
optional course in school conviction
belief conviction
make an unpleasant expression by contracting the eyebrows and the mouth scowl
serious somber solemn
produces an effect upon affects
Who is the main character in Ribbons? Stacy
What happened to Grandmothers feet in ribbons when she was a child? Foot Binging
physical work exertion
What has stacy given up for her grandmother in order for her to come to america? ballet
A message about life that many cultures express universail theme
What is the moment of greatest tension, or the turning point of a short story? climax
The part of a short story that comes directly after the climax falling action
What short story that we have read involves a mother Bear The Bear Boy
What type of animal is Rikki Tikki Tavi? mongoose
How many elements of plot are there? five
The writer describes the character... (A type of characterization) direct
A story's conclusion Resolution
giving off light luminous
Who is the main poet that we are focusing on in poetry collection one pages 509-512 Pat Mora
What type of poem is maestro? lyric
This type of figurative language uses like or as to compare similies
In French class what does victor do to impress Teresa. Speaks French
A group of lines in poetry are called ___________. stanzas
A three line Japenese verse is called a____________. haiku
What type of poem are song and tell a story? lyric
The main point in The Rider is... loneliness
Seal is a ___________ poem concrete
Most haikus are about ________. nature
The village blacksmith has a _____ heart. soft
What is the mother, in mother to son, giving to the son? advice
What is fog being compared to? a cat
Created by: lkubat