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Roses calculations

Fahrenheit to Celsius C = 5/9(F-32)
Celsius to Fahrenheit F = (9/5 * C)+ 32
Celsius to Kelvin K = C + 273
Kelvin to Celsius C = K - 273
Fahrenheit to Kelvin C = 5/9 (F-32) K = C + 273
Absolute Zero 0 degrees Kelvin
Kilograms to Pounds Kg to lbs 1Kg = 2.2lbs so 4kg * 2.2lbs = 8.8lbs
Pounds to Kilograms lbs to kg 1lb = .454 so 10lbs * .454kg = 4.54kg or 10lbs/2.2 =4.54
1kg equals how many mg 1000mg So 8kg *1000mg = 8000mg 500mg = .0005
1 liter equals how many ml 1000 ml So 8L *1000ml = 8000ml 68ml =.068L
1 ml equals how many L .001 L
1 mg equals how many kg? .001 kg
800ml equals how may L? 1L/1000ml = 800ml/1000L = .8L
675,500mg equals how many g? 1g/1000mg = 675,500mg/1000g = 675.5g
1cc is equal to how many ml? 1ml
1cuft is equal to how many liters? 28.32L 5cuft * 28.32L =141.6 liters
100L is equal to how many cu ft? 100/28.32 =3.53
1 inch is equal to how many cm? 2.54cm
60inches equals how many cm? 60in * 2.54cm=152.4
60cm equals how many inches? 1in/2.54cm = 60cm/2.54 = 23.62inches or 60cm * .3937 = 23.62
10inches equals how many cm? 10in * 2.54 = 25.4
1cm is equal to how many inches? .3937inches
100cm is equal to how many inches? 100cm * .3937 =39.37
1atm is equal to ?in Hg, ?mmHg, ?cmH2o, ?psi 1atm = 29.9 inHg, 760 mmHg, 1034 cmH2o, 14.7psi
ATM means what? Atmospheric Pressure
Boyle's Law equation V2 = P1 *V1/P2 P2 = P1 * V1/V2
Boyle's Law Temperature is constant, Pressure and Volume are indirectly related.
Charles Law Pressure is constant and Temp and Volume are directly related.
Charles Law equation V2 = V1 * T2/T1
Gay-Lussac's Law Volume is constant, and Temp. and Pressure are directly related.
Gay-Lussac's Law equation P2 = P1 * T2/T1
Combined Gas Law equations V2 = V1 * P1 * T2/P2 * T1 P2 = V1 * P1 * T2/V2 * T1 T2 = P2 * V2 * T1/P1 * V1 Always change Temp. to Kelvin
Combined Gas Law Combines all three gas laws together.
Total Flow Via the AEM (Air Entrainment) Total flow = Liters of air/Liters of 02 = 100-(%)/ (%) - 21 or 20 (use 20 for anything over 35%) other wise use 21
Dalton's Law equation Fi02 * PB = partial pressure .21 (02) * 760mmHg = 160 mmHg
Total Flow equation 50% at flows of 15lpm, what is total flow? 100-50/50-21 = 50/29 = 1.7 air/1L 02 15Lpm * 1.7 + 15 * 1 =40.5Lpm
AEM Ratio 50Lpm and 40% Fi02 100-% /% - 20 or 21 Lpm / sum of parts = Lpm 02 Lpm - sum of (Lpm 02) = Lpm Air 100-40/40-20 (21) = 60/20 = 3/1 but add them = 4 Now 50/4 = 12.5Lpm 02 Now 50-12.5 = 37.5Lpm Air
Rule of thumb for Nasal Cannula's and Nasal Catheters equation Multiply each Liter used by 4 and then add 20 Ex: 2Lpm * 4 =8 +20 =28%
Cylinder Duration equation A good therapist subracts 500 for the reserve. psi - 500 * cylinder factor / Lpm = how long tank will last you if transporting etc...
Duration of a cylinder Calculate the duration of E cylinder with 1700psi and a pt on a 31% venti-mask at 6Lpm 1700-500 * .28 / 6Lpm = 336/6 = 56min.
Cylinder Factors D, E, G, H & K D = .16 E = .28 G = 2.41 H&K = 3.14
Created by: 1008041418
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