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In _____ economies, people freely choose what to buy and sell market
____, or ____, families are found in poor countries and produce goods for themselves. traditional or subsistence
this activity distributes information and needs workers with knowledge quaternary (4th order activities)
these activities provide services to the people and business. ex.-bakeries, stores, restaurants tertiary (3rd order) activities
this activity uses raw materials to produce or manufacture something new. ex - processing wheat to flour and lumber to plywood secondary (2nd order) activities
This activity uses natural resources directly, like wheat, farming, iron mining, fishing, forestry, and herding. primary (1st order) activities
what are the four money-making activites that economic geographers sort ? primary (1st order) secondary (2nd) tertiary (3rd) Quaternary (4th)
_____ geography deals with how people earn a living and use resources economic geography
The three main kinds of economic systems use _____ and produce goods in distinctive ways. resources
_____ economies are guided by free enterprise and capitalism market economies
Most rich countries have ____ economies market economies
In a ______ economy, the government makes economic choices. command economy
Communism is a type of _____ economy command economy
Changes in _________, _________, and ________ affect the location and patterns of economic activies. technology ; transportation ; communication
One of the most important topics for understanding world geography is understanding the level of _______ in countries development
What are some factors with determine the levels of development? Gross National Product ; gross domestic product ; industrialization ; standards of living ; literacy rate ' life expectancy ; technology and level of health care
the world's countries are divided into which groups? developed countries, devoloping , and middle-income !
these types of countries have high levels of industriaization, hish living standards, education, and health care. developed countries
These types of countries have good infrastructure with a global market economy developed countries
these types of countries include US, Canady, Japan, and australia. developed countries
these types of countries are poorer nations with low standards of living and education as well as health care. developing countries.
these types of countries are focused on farming and agriculture developing countries.
These types of countries include Africa, Asia, Central & South America, and the pacific islands. developing countries.
these types of countries have modern cities but poor rural areas middle-income countries.
these types of countries include mexico, brazil, thailand, and malaysia middle-income countries.
_______ was the main way of life for most of human history Hunting and gathering.
Hunter gatherers would move their camps with the _______ in search of plants and animals seasons
Learning how to ____ and _____ were two important developments in history. grow plants and raise animals
______ led to an increase in population & allowed people to stay in one place food production
food production led to an ____ in population and allowed people to stay in one place increase
What happened after agriculture was developed? towns & cities developed trade increased comunication became easier
the increase in population allowed _____, or spreading and combining of culture traits cultural diffusion
______ includes the study of city locations, sizes, land use, and urban problems urban geography
near key resources along trade routes or near easily defended areas location
Cities and settlements are different sizes because they have different functions and purposes. what urban settlement does this fall under? size and distribution
When villages and towns have small populations and cities have large populations size and distribution
______ are centers of economic power and wealth world cities
what are three world cities? tokyo, new york and london
city centers are dominated by large stores, offices and buildings. what urban settlement does this fall under ? land use.
modern cities are ringed by major ______ highways
the key social problem in urban areas is _____ poverty
what are other urban problems inadequate housing and transportation, air, water, and land pollution
____ is the key activity in rural areas agriculture
_____ agriculture is the kind of agriculture most widely practiced around the world subsistence
provide milk and meat, represent wealth and social prestige pastoralism
market - oriented agricultre, or _____ commercial agriculture
____________ agriculture allows farmers to grow products to sell to customers market-oriented
advanced commercial farming agribusiness
____ and ____ are also important to geography government and politics
the _____ has authority over the area within the boundaries government
_____ make their own laws, choose their own leaders, protect the lives and property of its citizens governments
____ beliefs affect how governments are set up and operate cultural beliefs
____ beliefs influence government decisions and polocies cultural belifes
____ beliefs can be important as well as cultural beliefs religious
the study of _______ is also important in the area of political geography international relations
______ focuses on foreign policies and relations between the worlds countries international relations
countries will cooperate for ____ and ____ benefits political and economical
the _____'s main goal is to settle disputes united nations
economic beliefs come from ____ trading cooperation
____ governments are usually controlled by one person or small group totalitarian
communism is a type of ____ government totalitarian
in a ____, people decide who governs through free elections democracy
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