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Psy Final Part 3


Social Cognition focus on: Attribution, Attitudes
Attribution Cause of someones behavior
Internal Blame it on person
External because of someone else
Self Serving bias outcomes and reasons (positive and negative)
I'm awesome thats why I did good on my test self serving bias : positive
The professor dont like me self serving bias : negative
Unpleasant feelings due to inconsistent attitudes and behavior. Cognitive dissonance theory
Prejudice Negative attitudes toward members of a social group
Stereotypes Belief that members of a specific social group share certain characteristics
All chinese people are smart Stereotype
Prejudice stems over competition over something value Realistic Conflict Theory
Divide the world into 2 parts (Us. vs. Them Social Categorization
Role Models Social Learning
Yield to real/ imagined social pressure(video with lines) Conformity
Act in accord with pressure, obedience Comppliance
Small request followed by a larger one. ($10, $15 next time) Foot in the door technique
Large request followed by a smaller one ($40, no okay $20) The door in the face
Small incentive offered "for free" Thats not all technique
Cant obtain something after a deadline (you have 5 minutes to call) Fast approaching deadline
Change terms after a deal lowball procedure
Loss of self awareness. Stop becoming an individual. Deindividuation
Reduced effort when working in group Social Loafing
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