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DAW Lab 2

Pro Tools 9: Lab Practical 2

What are the three ways to import audio? 1. Importing directly to the Regions List a. Go to File>Import>Audio (Shift+CMD+I) 2. Importing with the Workspace Browser a. Choose Windows>Workspace (OPT+Semicolon). 3. File>Import>Audio… (File Menu) a. SHFT+CMD+I
What happens when you press CMD+T with a selection made in Pro Tools? What's this called? Trim. Trims selection leaving only what was selected.
How do you create New Tracks? SHFT + CMD + N
How to create a new Pro Tools Session? CMD + N
What is a Zero Crossing Edit? o Cut on the zero volt line at the beginning and end of an audio region.  Start – waveform is ascending from zero  End – waveform is ascending to zero o Cutting audio on a zero crossing will minimize the occurrence of clicks and pops.
Identify Beat: understand and perform Finds an unknown tempo for session. CMD+I
How do you lock a region? CMD + L Triple-click in the track with the Selector to select the entire track, then choose Region>Lock/Unlock Regions
How do you nudge a region? Set the nudge value. Then hit +/- or </> to nudge once. To nudge twice hit M/?
How do you set the Grid Value? Grid Drop down menu> Select value. cntrl+option+Plus+/Minus (+/-) keys
What does each number represent: 4|2|480 4=Bars. 2=Beats. 480=Ticks
What menu command do we use to back the entire session? File>Save Copy In
How do you delete a memory location? Click and DRAG the marker either above or below the MARKER RULER in the edit window until a small trash can icon appears, then release the mouse button
How do you create a memory location? Hit ENTER on your numeric keypad. Dialogue box> look @ TIME PROPERTIES at the top of and click on the SELECTION radio button. Now let’s look down at GENERAL PROPERTIES, go ahead and check ZOOM SETTINGS and TRACK HEIGHTS. BEHAVIORS are now set.
How do you modify/edit a memory location? Double click or right mouse click or CONTROL + click in the MARKER RULER in the edit window or in the MEMORY LOCATION WINDOW. In the MEMORY LOCATION WINDOW you can use the DROP DOWN menu, and choose the EDIT. Select the TRACK HEIGHTS property, click OK.
What is Input Monitoring? (What does the green light on or off mean?) Input Only Monitoring: Monitors source input on record-enabled tracks (Green light is on). Auto Input Monitoring: Monitors playback of record-enabled track until you are recording. Once in record, monitors live input. (Green light is off) CMD + K: togg
What are the different Recording Modes? 1. Auto Punch Record 2. Quick Punch Record 3. Loop Record
What is an Auto Punch recording? How is it executed? Setup>Preferences>Editing click on Auto-Name. Hit ENTER for every mistake. Use the memory locations you created as a reference to make selections which you will use to record to fix the mistakes. Record arm that track and record over the selection.
What is an Quick Punch recording? How is it executed? Options>Quick Punch. OR Numeric 6. Setup>Preferences>Editing Tab. Top right of the dialog box, Quickpunch/Trackpunch Crossfade length and type 7 ms for crossfade. For mistakes, punch in by clicking the record, punch out by clicking again (numeric 3).
What happens when Destructive Record is used? Directly overwrites audio file. Replaces original data on disk.Enable Control-click on the record button. OR (“D”)
What is an Loop recording? How is it executed? Different takes are recorded under one region Enable: Options>Loop Record OR Numeric 5. Record for 4 loops. Then make 4 copies of recording on same track.
How do you access different takes from a Loop Recording? Dbl click the first recorded region using your SELECTOR or select the entire first region with your GRABBER, hold down CMD + click for Matching Criteria. Choose Track Name and Region Start. CMD + click on the highlighted region again.
Created by: la.maricha
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