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Classical Viewpoint emphasized finding ways to manage work more efficiently (scientific and administrative)
Scientific Management emphasized scientific study of work methods to improve the productivity of individual workers
Who is Frederick Taylor an American engineer from Philly, the "father of scientific management," eliminate soldiering
What is soldiering? deliberately working at less than full capacity
Principle 1: Scientific Management 1. Evaluate a task by scientifically studying each part of the task
Principe 2: Scientific Management 2. Carefully select workers with the right abilities for the task
Principle 3: SM 3. Give workers the training and incentives to do the task with the proper work methods
Principle 4: SM 4. Use scientific principles to plan the work methods and ease the way for workers to do their jobs
Motion Studies broke down each worker's job into basic physical motions and then trained workers to use the methods of their best-performing co-workers
Differential Rate System more efficient workers earned higher wages
Benefits of Taylorism when used properly, can enhance productivity
Problem with Classical Viewpoint Too mechanistic! Views humans as cogs in a machine
Behavioral Viewpoint emphasized the importance of understanding human behavior and motivating employees toward achievement
Who is Elton Mayo Harvard researcher who conducted studies at Western Electric's Hawthorne plant
Hawthorne Studies investigation to whether workplace lighting level affected worker productivity
Hawthorne Effect employees worked harder if they received added attention, if they thought managers paid special attention to them
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