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FH avventura in tosc

FH avventura in toscana c1-c2 vocab

ciliege cherries
comune community
dietro behind
protagonista main characters, protagonists
quasi almost
avvicinarsi to get closer, approach
sentiero path
ovunque everywhere
soltanto only, just
terra earth, dirt
acquistare to acquire
vettura vehicle
ospiti guests
cartolina card, postcard
sorridere to smile
pullman bus
fiat Italian car company
salire to climb
pieno full
scompartimento compartment (train)
pensilina platform
minestra soup
desiderare to want, desire
spesso often
nessuno no one
mucche cows
fattoria farm
attraversare to cross
impiegato employee, worker
collina hill
uscita exit
stringere to squeeze
trovare to find
sindaco mayor
gridare to yell, shout
accanto a next to
avviarsi to set out
somigliare to look like
cominciare to begin
locale train that stops at every stop
Created by: gdirosario