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SBI 2012B Ch 4

Quality Management

What is Synergism? is the actions of 2 agents working together is greater then the sum of each agent working independently.
What are the 2 developer and reducing agents? Phenidone and Hydroquinone.
What does the preservative protect? the hydroquinone from both aerial and internal oxidation.
What does the hardener do? it controls emulsion swelling and stickiness so the film doesnt stick to the rollers.
What is the solution temperature? developer should be 68-72 degrees F, automatic is 85-105 degrees F.
What is solution conentration? percentage of water versus other chemicals in the sloution. Measured by specfic gravity.
Solution pH 10-11.5 and should not vary more than +/- 0.1
5 factors of developer activity soultion temperature, immersion time, solution concentration, type of chemicals used, solution pH
What do fixer solutions do? remove all of the unexposed and undeveloped silver halide crystals from the film; image cleared
What is the ANSI and what does it suggest that the amount of hyporetention should not exceeed? American National Standards Insititute; not to exceed 2 ug/cm^2
What should the washing time be? at least 50-100% of the developer time
What should the temperature of the washing solution be? 5 degrees below the developer temperature
What are the 3 subsystems of the the transport systems? roller subsystem, transport rack subsystem, drive subsystem
What are the rollers in the roller system? entrance, transport, master
What are the types of racks in the transport system? entrance, vertical/deep, turnaround, crossover
What are the drive subsystems? drive motor, main drive chain, gear reduction mechanism, gears, main drive shaft
What does the circulation system do? ensures complete chemistry mixing, provides uniform temperature, provides the equivalent of agitation performed in manual processing
What are the 2 types of replenishment systems? volume and flood
How many amps if the dryer system? 10 A, results in 60-80% of electrical power going to the processor
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