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SWA Eng 1 Midterm 4

SWA Eng 1 Midterm #4 - (11) Pts of Sp (12) Freq Conf Wds (13) Sent. (14) S-V Agr

a person, place, thing, or idea Noun
a general noun (restaurant) Common Noun
a specific noun (Olive Garden) Proper Noun
things you can see,touch,hear,taste,smell are categorized as ____ Nouns Concrete Nouns
things you cannot experience with your senses are categorized as ____ Nouns Abstract Nouns
words that take the place of nouns (I, me, she, they, us) Pronouns
words that describe noun and pronouns and answer What Kind? How Many? How Much? Which One? (ex - pretty, white, the, torn) Adjectives
words that show action or a state of being Verbs
I am tired. What kind of verb is "am"? Linking Verb
It is going to snow. What kind of verb is "is"? Helping Verb
Words that describe verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; usually end in -ly; answer How? When? Where? To waht extent? Adverbs
words that link words phrases, or clauses Conjunctions
words that show strong emotions Interjections
words that tell how nouns and pronouns relate to other words Prepositions
I need to go (to/too/two) the restaurant. to (prep)
I want to go to the ballgame with you, (to/too/two). too (also)
What is (their/there/they're) address? their
(Their/There/They're) never going to leave the restaurant. They're (They are)
(Its/It's) about time for you to leave. It's (It is)
(Your/You're) going to be in big trouble. You're (You are)
I like all the cars (accept/except) the purple one. except (prep)
Your semester grade will(affect/effect) by your midterm grade. affect (v)
Please (accept/except) my sincerest apology. accept (v)
Your midterm grade will have an (affect/effect) on your semester grade. effect (n)
You have (to/too,two) minutes to say you are sorry. two
Please remain (stationary/stationery) while the ride is in motion. stationary
She bought a new box of (stationary/stationery) for a gift. stationery
Melted butter (complements/compliments) movie popcorn quite nicely. complements
I got a ton of (complements/compliments) after my game. compliments
I am running for president of the student (council/counsel). council (n)
If I win class president, I will get to (council/counsel) the under classmen. counsel (v)
I am using (coarse/course)sand paper to file the table. coarse
I need to take an introductory (coarse/course) for Physics. course
Who or what the sentence is about. (ex - KELLIE is on the magazine cover.) Subject
The action or state of being that is expressed in a sentence. (ex - Kellie RAN a marathon.) Predicate
Which is the singular verb - (Sit / Sits) (He) sits.
Which is the plural verb - (Examine / Examines) (They) examine.
The words EACH and EVERY always take a (singular / plural) verb. Singular
The words NOBODY, EVERYTHING, and ANYONE always take a (singular / plural) verb. Singular
Created by: msporter
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