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SWA Eng 1 Midterm 2

SWA Eng 1 Midterm #2 - (4) Lit. Terms (5) Figurative Lang (6) Conflict (7) Irony

The time and place of a story Setting
The central truth about life that the author wants the readers to think about; should be expressed as one sentence Theme
If you think about what the main character learns in the story, it will help you determine the _____ Theme
a reference to a statement, person, place, or event from literature, history, religion, politics, sports, science or pop culture Allusion
The type of allusion that refers to a person, event, or verse in the Bible Biblical Allusion
The type of allusion that refers to a classical story, work of art, song, or poem Classical Allusion
The type of allusion that refers to a familiar person, place, or event Cultural Allusion
The type of allusion that refers to a person or event from history Historical Allusion
The type of allusion that refers to a person, place, event from a literary work Literary Allusion
When two or more unlike things are compared using the words "like" or "as" Simile
When two or more unlike things are compared without using the words "like" or "as" Metaphor
The use of clues to hint at events that will occur later in the plot Foreshadowing
Giving human qualities to non-human things Personification
Repeating the beginning consonant sounds (ex - The carpenter kicked the cab of the truck.) Alliteration
An exaggeration (ex - The music was loud enough to make my ears bleed.) Hyperbole
A play on words (ex - I called my dog Trouser because he pants too much.) Pun
The type of conflict where the struggle is within the characters mind. Internal Conflict
Tye type of conflict where the struggle is with someone or something outside the character. External Conflict
A conflict between two or more people Man vs. Man
A conflict within a person Man vs. Himself
A conflict with the elements of nature (snow, rain, etc.) Man vs. Environment
A conflict with gods, ghosts, superpowers, etc. Man vs. Supernatural
When the speaker says one thing but means something else. ("I'm not upset.) Verbal Irony
When what is expected to happen is not what happens (a police officer gets a ticket for speeding) Situational Irony
The audience/reader knows something that a character does not (We know someone is hiding behind the door,but the character who just entered the house does not) Dramatic Irony
Created by: msporter
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