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world cultures ch4


A Place were Muslims worship what is a Mosque
Large town with its own goverment and controls everything what is a City State
common agrement what is Consensus
distance kin who trace their common ancestor what is Lineage
farmer who produces enough products to supply presonal needs ut has no surplus dscribe a Subsistence Farmer
practice of having more than one spouse what is a Polygamy
some african societies all people born in the same year what isAge Grade
movement to end slavery what is Abolition
migration or scatering of a homogenous people what is Diaspora
a country on the coast of West African what is Sierra Leone
a country in West Africa what is Liberia
Regulated European colonization and trade in africa what was the Berlin Confrence
an african tribe what was the zulu
most influencial leader of the zulu kingdom what is Shaka
the Boers fought england to obtain independence what was the Boer War
peole in the best in a particuler catagory describe an Elite
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