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Am. Revolution Test

American Revolution

First Continental Congress (know the purpose and decisions made) Meeting of delegates from the colonies to resolve conflict with the British; send 10 resolutions to King George III
Second Continental Congress (know the purpose and decisions made) 2nd meeting of the delegates; form of the Continental Army
Treaty of Paris 1783 Ended the Revolutionary War and recognizes the independence of the United States
Role of Women nurses, kept businesses going, supported men on battlefield, seamstresses, cooks , sometimes fought.
Role of African Americans British promised blacks their freedom; some fought for the Americans after Washington allowed free blacks to enlist
Role of Native Americans Fought for both sides, British had more Indian citizens
Causes of the American Revolution Violation of rights, Proclamation of 1763, British taxes without colonists consent, no representation in British parliament
Price of freedom 6,284 killed in combat, 10,000 died of disease, 8,500 died while prisoners of war; 2nd most costly war in American history
Lowcountry Although many had ties with British probably most were patriots
Backcountry Many were impartial to the war; until the Great Cane Break, most were loyalists
African American Concerned with freedom; most joined the British/Loyalists
Native Americans Concerned about their land; most joined the British/Loyalists.
Lexington and Concord Beginning skirmishes of the Revolution; "The shot heard around the world" is fired at Lexington
Attack on Fort Moultrie First major success of Americans; where the SC state flag originated
Siege and Fall of Charles Town Charles town would surrender to the British on May 12, 1780 after a long siege. Many SC leaders were captured
Valley Forge town in Pennsylvania where Washington rests his men; loses 1/4 of his men from wounds, disease, and starvation
Battle of Camden General Horatio Gates loses this SC battle; British on brink of conquering SC
Battle of Kings Mountain Sc battle considered a turning point in the south; Americans victorious
Battle of Cowpens Boody Tarleton's British troops were tricked and defeated in SC by Daniel Morgan
Battle of Yorktown Last major battle where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington in Virginia
Great Cane Break Battle in Simpsonville, SC that helped end the Loyalists threat in the Backcountry of SC
Loyalists American colonists who fought for the British side; Loyal to the King
Patriots American Colonists who fought for independence
Declaration of Independence Document declaring colonists separate from Britain
Guerilla Warfare hit and run tactics used by small groups of people
Continental Army Army organized to defend the colonies
Siege Military tactic when an enemy is surrounded and supplies are cut off; used around Boston by colonists and Charleston by the British
George Washington Commander of the Continental army
Thomas Lynch Jr., Edward Rutledge, Thomas Heyward Jr., Arthur Middleton SC signers of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson Writer of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Paine wrote "Common Sense" and "American Crisis" essays to inspire the soldiers
Sergeant William Jasper Heroically saved the SC flag at Fort Moultrie
Benedict Arnold fought heroically at Saratoga but would turn traitor and join the British
Christopher Gadsden Leader of the Son's of Liberty in SC
Francis Marion (Swamp Fox), Andrew Pickens (Wizard Owl), Thomas Sumter (Gamecock) SC military leaders that used Guerilla Warfare tactics to frustrate the British and successfully force them out of SC
Daniel Morgan Defeated Bloody Tarleton at Cowpens
General Cornwallis Commander of the British forces who would surrender to Washington at Yorktown
Col. Banastre Tarleton nicknamed "Bloody Tarleton" who slaughtered the American prisoners in SC
Molly Pitcher Nickname given to women in the Revolutionary War that carried water to soldiers on the battlefield
Robert Shurtliff Deborah Sampson disguised as a man in order to fight in the war
Nathanael Greene War hero commanding important battles in the South. Greenville, SC is named after him
Created by: gymnast4life