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MEA0258 Final


Who discovered X-RAYS? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
What type of energies are IONIZING & NON-IONING ? Electromatic Spectrum
Define the term Ionizing The process in which a charged portion of a molecule is given enough energy to break awar from an atom.
What does the term "LIMITED RADIOLOGY" mean? A person' scope of practice is restricted as compared to a registered radiographer
What title does the STATE OF FLORIDA use for a person taking x-rays with a limited license? BXMO - Basic X-Ray Machine Operator
What agency requlates the practice of radiopgrahy in FLORIDA? SACS - SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION of SCHOOLS & COLLEGES
Define Primary XRAYS that exit the port and head toward the patient
What is REMNANT AKA: Exit Radiation: What remains of the primary beam after it has been attuenated by matter
Define ATTUENATED Absorption of the x-ray beam in matte
Define Scatter Radiation Radiation that is scattered or created as a result of the attuenation of the primary x-ray beam by matter
Define Latent When exposed film or digital plates contain an "UNSEEN" picture.
Created by: spoon6464