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Phar - Cancer Chemo

Cancer chemo drugs

Actinomycin -Intercalates into DNA and blocks RNA and DNA synthesis -IV -Bone marrow depression, radiation recall
Anastrazole -CYP19 aromatase inhibitor -Oral -Toxicity related to estrogen deficiency
(L)Aspariginase -Degrades asparagine in the circulation and starves tumor cells for this amino acid -IV -Hypersensitivity reactions
Bevacizumab -Antibody against VEGF -IV -Hypertension, GI perforation
Bleomycin -Interacts with DNA and catalyzes free radical formation and DNA destruction -IV, IM -Pulmonary fibrosis, skin changes, radiation recall
Cisplatin -Cross-linking DNA -IV -Bone marrow depression, renal tubuar damage
Cyclophosphamide -Alkylation and cross-linking DNA -IV, Oral -Bone marrow depression, male sterility, amenorrhea
Cytosine arabinoside -Inhibits DNA polymerase, mis-incorporates into DNA -IV -Bone marrow depression
Doxorubicin -Inhibit Topoisomerase II/DNA complex -IV -Bone marrow depression, cardiomyopathy, radiation recall
Etoposide -Inhibits Topoisomerase II/DNA complex -Oral, IV -Bone marrow depression
5-florouracil -Inhibits thymidylate synthetase, misincorporation into DNA -IV -Bone marrow depression
Gefitnib -EGF receptor inhibitor -Oral -Skin problems
Hydroxyurea -Inhibits ribonucleotide reductase -Oral -Bone marrow depression
Imatinib -Inhibits ABL tyrosine kinase -Oral -Fluid retention
Irinotecan -Inhibits Topoisomerase I/DNA complex -IV, Oral -Bone marrow depression
Leuprolide -GnRH analog that causes GnRH receptor down regulation -SubQ -Hormone withdrawal effects
Mechlorethamine -Alkylation & cross-linking DNA -IV, intracavitary -Bone marrow depression, male sterility, amenorrhea
Methotrexate -DHF reductase inhibitor -IV, Oral, intrathecal -Bone marrow depression
Paclitaxel (Taxol) -Binds tubulin, stabilizes microtubules -IV -Bone marrow depression, sensory neuropathy
Tamoxifen -Estrogen receptor binder -Oral -Hot flashes, risk increase for endometrial cancer, thromboembolic events
6-Thioguanine -Inhibits purine biosynthesis -Oral -Bone marrow depression
Trastuzumab (Herceptin) -Binds Her2 on cancer cells and stimulates antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity -IV -Cardiotoxic
Vinblastine -Grabs tubulin, prevents microtubule polymerization -IV -Bone marrow depression, mild peripheral neuropathy
Vincristine -Grabs tubulin, prevents microtubule polymerization -IV -Peripheral neuropathy
Allupurinol -Inhibits xanthine oxidase to prevent uric acid buildup after cell death due to cytotoxic drugs -Oral -Sensitivity reactions
Leucovorin -5-formyl-THF, rescues methotrexate toxicity -IM, IV, Oral
Filgastim (G-CSF) -Hematopoetic agent, stimulates neutrophil production -IV, SubQ -Mild to moderate bone pain, skin reactions
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