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DAW Lab 1

Pro Tools 9: Lab Practical 1

How do you IMPORT AUDIO into Pro Tools? SHIFT + CMD + I, OR File>Import>Audio, OR
What is being done when we IDENTIFY BEAT into ProTools? What is the basic theory of the process? For Pro Tools to learn the tempo based on our calculations and this is then reflected in the Tempo ruler.
How is it done and what are the 3 main steps of IDENTIFY BEAT? 1. Highlight Conductor icon. Go to Transport Window (Window>Transport), click the Conductor. [CMD + 1 (numeric keypad)] 2. Select region, then go to Event>Identify Beat. [Shortcut = CMD + I] 3. Change the end time to 5/1/000.
How do you COPY and PASTE regions? CMD + C, CMD + V
How do you DUPLICATE regions? CMD + D
How do you REPEAT regions? OPT + R
How do you SEPARATE or CUT regions? CMD + B
What is TAB TO TRANSIENT? What does it do? Finds the initial peak or modulation in an audio waveform.
What happens when you drag a region holding down OPT? What does this do? This will duplicate and move the new region to selected position.
How can you UNDO the very last step/edit? CMD + Z
How do you set the GRID VALUE? Set Grid Value from the drop down Grid Menu.
What is generally the best GRID VALUE to work in? 1/16 value
What MODE is best for moving regions to exact bars and beats? Grid Mode
How do you SHOW & HIDE only tracks you want to see? By clicking on the small gray circle in the track list.
What is the MAIN COUNTER/"MAIN TIME DISPLAY" used for in Protools? What does it tell you? The is the main time counter in the Edit window, main location indicator in the Transport window. Shows selection start/end/length values, Initial Grid/Nudge Values.
What is EVENT EDIT AREA used for? What does it show you? Used for editing. Shows the time range.
How do you NUDGE a region? Where do you set the NUDGE value? Highlight any region in the session. Set your Nudge to be Bars/Beats, or follow your time base ruler! Choose 1/8 note in the nudge menu. Use the +/- (numeric) keys from the keypad to move earlier/later in time.
How do you ARCHIVE a Protools session? (Backing up the entire session) What do you never want to forget when doing this process? File>Save Copy In. Click on all audio files at the bottom of this window. Students folder>from this same window (bottom left), Name it. Launch Toast. Click on Data. Click the add button (bottom) >locate session folder. Name Disk. Burn>Advanced>Write Di
How do you create a new track? SHIFT + CMD + N
Created by: la.maricha