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unit 3 vocab ;

allot (v)to assighn or distrubute or prtions
amass (v) to bring together,collect gather,especialy for onrs self;to come together,assemble
audacious (adj)bols ,adventurous,recklessly daring
comply (v)to yeild to a requestor command
devoid (adj)no having or using,lacking
elite (n) the choice part of a group of people or other things;(adj)superior
grapple (n0 iron used to grab and hold;(v)to come to grips with,wrestle or fight with
incapacitate (v)to deprive of strengthor ability; to make leagally ineligible
instigate (v)to urge on;to stir up,provoke,start incite
longevity (n) long life,long duration,length of life
myriad (adj) in very great numbers (n)a very great number
perspective (N) a point of view or general standpoint from wich deifferent things are view physically or mentally
perturb (V) to trouble to make uneasy;to disturb gently;to throw into confusion
prodigious (adj)immense,exraordinary in bulk,size or degree
relevent (adj)connected with or related to the matter at hand
skittish (adj) extremely nervous and easily frightend;shy or timid;extremely cautious;unstable,undenedable
tether (n)a rope or chain use to fasten something to a fixed object;the outerlimits of strengthor resources(v)fasten with a rope or chain
unison (n) a sounding together;agreement or accord
vie (V) to complete;to strive for victory or superiority
willfull adj) stubornly self -willed ; done on purpose
Created by: H0406288
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