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SRM - Eberhart1

Ch9-2 The Greek City-States

Who were the participants in the Trojan War? Greeks, Trojans, gods, & goddesses
2. What does the story about the Trojan War tell us about the Greek attitudes toward their gods and goddesses? Greeks though they needed to keep their gods & goddesses happy; thought the gods/goddesses would help them
What was the purpose of the Trojan Horse? to hold the soldiers who would get inside the city of Troy & then open the gates so the rest of the Greek army could enter & attack
Why do we remember the poet Homer today? he composed the Illiad & the Odyssey, stories that have been passed down through the generations
Why might both the Egyptians and Greeks have developed myths? Myths helped both Greeks & Egyptians understand the mysteries of nature & life.
Were the Greeks monotheistic or polytheistic? polytheistic
Where did the Greeks believe that most gods lived? Mount Olympus (northern Greece)
Name some ways that the Greeks honored their gods and goddesses. athletic contests to honor Zeus; wrote myths/legends about them; tried to keep them happy
Why did some people of Athens not have the right to vote? Only citizens had the right to vote. Slaves, women, & workers born outside the city were not citizens.
What details show that Athens developed a system of democracy? When the Assembly became too large, 500 citizens were selected to serve, & their actions had to be approved by the Assembly of all citizens.
What was Pericles’ point of view about citizenship? He believed citizenship was important & that citizens should take part in the government.
What details show that Sparta was governed differently than Athens? Sparta was a strictly ruled military state. Life in Sparta centered on the army.
What was the meaning of the advice from Spartan women? “Return home with your shield or on it.” It warned their sons that they should fight the enemy until they won or died.
Why did the state expect Spartan women to train hard and play active sports? They had to be strong to care of all the responsibilities they had while their husbands & sons were away.
Created by: Kenyab