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SRM - Eberhart

Ch 9-1 The Geography of Greece 6th grade

Where is Greece located? southern end of the Balkan Peninsula which extends into the Mediterranean Sea
What are the three seas that border Greece? Mediterranean, Aegean, & Ionian Seas
What is the land like on the mainland of Greece? mountainous with deep valleys & rugged highlands
How do you think Greece's nearness to the sea influenced the development of its civilization? Greeks were able to travel to other places & bring back ideas.
What do Plato's words suggest about the relationship Greeks had with the sea? "Like Frogs around a pool, we have settled down upon the shores of this sea." They were drawn to the sea, & it was important to their way of life.
How did living near the sea affect both lives and ideas of the Greeks? The Greeks became traders; trade helped Greeks get ideas from other cultures.
Why did people from one region not travel to nearby regions? Because the regions were separated by mountains that were difficult to cross
What effect did the have on Greece? many independent communities developed
Who did Greeks admire and respect? gods, goddesses, athletes, & politicians
How can you tell? They had statues of them in marketplaces.
How did trading affect the Minoan standard of living? developed a rich & powerful civilization
How did Mycenae become a powerful city-state? able to defend itself against attacks because the walls surrounding the city were 20ft thick; its ships captured the ships of other cities; it took plunder
Which details explain the power of Minoan civiliztion? The Minoans became wealthy & powerful because they traded food & crafts. They controlled the Aegean islands & part of Greece. Minoan ships controlled the seas & protected the kingdom.
Created by: Kenyab