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Vocab Lesson 2a

vocabulary cards

astute Clever and sharp-minded; showing a thouought anddeep understanding
bias a strong leaning for or against something that is based on personal preference or a set of ideas
compile to gather together and put to order
destitute extremely poor; without basic necessties
enhance to make greater or heighten; to add to in a way that improves
extraneous not needed or not related to what is being considered or dealt whith
fabricate to make or manufacture
flaunt to show off
heyday the time of greatest success or strength
illegible impossible to read due to sloppy or faint writing or printing
intuition an understanding or knowleged of someting without the use of reasoning
lush growing thickly or heavily
renown fame; good reputation
sedate clame, serious, and proper
vigil a period of watch, usually during a time when one would normally be asleep; the act of staying awake to watch over
Created by: DJ BennyD