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Wood Construct

All sorts of useful stuff for wood contruct

Type of wood that is hard and dark in color. Walnut
Widely used wood that has a good hardness and relativly cheep. Oak
Used often for furniture cause of its color and strength Cherry
Unique type of wood with a lot of knots that make it ideal for making furniture, flooring, and window frames. Pine
Often used for making bowling pins, bowling alley lanes, and pool cues. Maple
Hard but light wood often used in the boat making industry. Balsa
Often used for outdoor woodmaking because it does not rot. Cedar
Wood often used in making lamps, bows, and fence posts. Cypress
Strong wood with unique pores that is often used for carving. Mahogany
Very hard and dark colored wood, used in making piano cases, tool handles and furniture Rosewood
Yellow to dark brown hardwood which is extremely heavy, strong and durable and often used as a veneer cause of its cost. Teak
Resembles oak and is hard and heavy, often used for frames and some furniture, cheap in price. Ash
Hickory is one of the headest and heaviest woods, used for structural parts. Hickory
Strong heavy wood with open pores, light brown color, used for frames and bent parts. Beech
Hard, heavy wood with a closed grain, often used to resemble mahogany or walnut. Birch
Best part of the tree comes from the heartwood because it is resistant to deterioration rare and valuable. Redwood
Light in weight, low resistant to decay, used for making boards. Hemlock
Low resistance to decay and easy to work with. used to make furniture, flooring and interior trim. Fir
Strong and hard, resistant to decay and is lightweight. Spruce
Created by: SladeBenda
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