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BE-T2-Ch 7

Business 205 - Test # 2 - Chapter 7

"Work from the comfort of your home. No more missing family for work. No more hassles of rush-hour traffic. No more cubicles. Work at your own pace and enjoy the best of both worlds!" This is an example of _____. scenario painting
The three types of persuasive appeals, categorized by Aristotle, are based on _____. logic, emotion, and character
"Waft away to the aromatic valleys of yesteryears. Experience the fragrance of nature." This is an example of a(n) _____. emotional appeal
The three types of persuasive messages discussed in this chapter are _____. persuasive requests, sales messages, and proposals
_____ is a key part of moving your readers from resistance to compliance with your request. Making the desired action specific and easy to perform
Which of the following would be the most effective beginning for a message asking for assistance/donation for a volunteer-based organization fighting teenage drug addiction? Right now, somewhere in downtown New York, 15 kids are learning to have their first shot of dope.
The beginnings of all persuasive requests must _____. gain attention
_____ is a more acceptable form of email selling which permits potential customers to sign up on a company's website or offer their email addresses to a catalog, phone marketer, or other recipient. Permission email
Which of the following subject lines in emails have a better chance of inviting further reading and lesser chances of being blocked by spam filters? "Tips on better investment in alternative energy stocks."
What is the purpose of writing an external proposal? To acquire business for a company
Created by: tinafici
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