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estimate through GPA

Approximate judgement esp. of costs, value, size, ect. Estimate
The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person on the members of a proffession. Ethics
A short, informal talk with someone who works in a career that one finds interesting. Exploratory interview
School and community activities that help develop transferable skills and often leadership development. Extended learning
Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The required application to apply for any type of federal financial aid including grants, work study and student loans. FAFSA
Money students recieve from a variety of sources to help pay for college, including scholarships, grants, work study and student loans. Financial aid
A rule or principle frequently expressed in mathematical language; a set from indicating procedure to be followed. Formula
A set of knowledge and skills common to all 16 career clusters. Foundation Knowledge and Skills [FKS]
Grade point average. GPA
A way of recording your progress in a class. Grades may be listed as a percentage. Grades
Total compensation before deductions. Gross pay
A sign, picture, or symbol. Icon
Any sequential arrangement of material; adjustment of wages, taxes, ect. according to changes in the cost of living or some other economic indicater. Index
FKS: The identification and use of the right tools for the task. Information Technology Application
An assessment to determine what a student likes and is reported by career clusters Interest Inventory
Part-time, on-the-job learning experiences that reinforce classroom instruction. Interns can experience a career from the inside, and sometimes the experience might turn into full-time employment. Internship
A specific duty, role or function Job
An experience in which seeking a better understanding of particular career speciality follow experienced workers through the course of a work day. Job shadowing
A four step program through Education Quest designed to help students transition into college, career training or life long careers. Know How 2 Go
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