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Unit 3 Study Stack

Study for test over religions

What does Monotheistic mean? Belief in one God
Where did Hinduism begin? India
Where did Judaism begin? Middle East (Israel)
Where did Buddhism begin? India
Where did Christianity begin? Middle East (Israel)
Where did Islam begin? Middle East (Saudi Arabia)
When did Hinduism begin? 3000 B.C.
When did Judaism begin? 2000 B.C.
When did Buddhism begin? 500 B.C.
When did Christianity begin? 30 A.D.
When did Islam begin? 600 A.D.
Where is Hinduism mainly practiced today? India
Where is the Jewish homeland today? Israel
Where is Buddhism mainly practiced today? Eastern Asia
Where is Christianity mainly practiced today? North and South America, Western Europe, Russia, southern Africa, Australia
Where is Islam mainly practiced today? North Africa and Southwest Asia
What are the Ten Commandments? Rules or guidelines for Jews to live a moral life
What do Christians believe about Jesus? That he is the son of God and the messiah who saves humankind from sin
What are the Five Pillars? Five guidelines for Muslims to follow
What is reincarnation? Cycle of life, death, rebirth
What is karma? Belief that your good/bad deeds will impact your next life in good/bad ways
What are the Four Noble Truths? Buddhist beliefs about what causes suffering and how to free oneself from suffering and reach nirvana
What is the Eightfold Path? Guidelines for Buddhists to follow to lead a moral life and reach enlightenment
What do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in commmon? All are monotheistic, hold Jerusalem as a sacred city, and began in the Middle East
What do Hinduism and Buddhism have in common? Both began in India, both believe in karma and reincarnation, both believe that it is possible to escape the cycle of reincarnation
Why is the death rate decreasing? (Why do people live longer today?) better medicine
What problems does a growing population cause for PEOPLE? overcrowding, scarce resources, not enough jobs
What is culture? The way of life or behaviors shared by a group of people
What are some things that are part of a person's culture? Religion, language, foods, clothing, gender roles, etc.
What are "gender roles"? The jobs/roles assigned to men and women
What is cultural diffusion? The movement or spreading out of beliefs or behaviors from one area to another
Give some examples of cultural diffusion. Mexican, Chinese, Italian food is popular in the U.S. Baseball and soccer are popular in countries all over the world.
What is migration? Movement of people from one place or region to another
What is an immigrant? Person who moves from one region to another to seek a better life
What is a refugee? Person who flees from one region to another to seek safety
What does urban mean? city
What does rural mean? countryside
What are "push factors"? Give two examples. Negative things that make a person want to leave a place
What are "pull factors"? Give two examples. Positive things that attract a person to a place
What are some ENVIRONMENTAL factors that might cause a person to migrate? climate, natural disaster
What are some SOCIAL factors that might cause a person to migrate? discrimination, oppression, religious freedom, family ties
What are some POLITICAL factors that might cause a person to migrate? war, type of government
What are some ECONOMIC factors that might cause a person to migrate? job opportunities, availability of resources
What problems does a growing population cause for NATURE (the environment)? pollution, deforestation, loss of animal habitats
Created by: lisalunn