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Healty Science

-itis Inflammation
-ac, -ic, -us, -al, -ar Pertaining to
-logy Study of
-pathy Disease
Gastr/o- Stomach
Cardi/o- Heart
Pulman/o- Lungs
My/o- Muscle
Oste/o Bones
-scope Instrument used to look
Stomat/o Mouth
Gloss/o Lingu/o Tounge
Dent/o Teeth
Gingiv/o Gums
Esophag/o Esophagus
Enter/o Intestines
Duoden/o Duodenum
Jejun/o Jejunum
Ile/o Ileum
Sigmoid/o Sigmoid Colon
Rect/o Rectum
Proct/o Rectum And Anus
Hepat/o Liver
-scopy process of looking
-plegia paralysis
-rrhea discharge of flow
-phagia to swallow
-plasty surgical repair
-megaly enlarge
Dys- difficult or painful
Abdomin/o Abdomen
Pancreat/o Pancreas
-pepsia Digestion
-cele Hernia or Herniation
-ectomy excision "cut out"
-tomy incision "cut into"
-rrhagia hemorrage, Bleeding
-rraphy suture, stitch
-rrhexis rupture, burst
Midsagittal Plane Divides the body into equal halfs. Right and left
Frontal Plane Divides the body into front and back parts
Transverse Plane Divides the body into upper and lower parts
Hemat/o Hem/o Blood
Angi/o Veins , Arteries
Arteri/o Arteries
Phleb/o Veins
-gram Picture
Electro- Electrical
Tachy- Fast, Rapid
Brady- Slow
-cyte Cell
Eryth/o red
Leuk/o White
Tromb/o Clot
-emia Low count
A- , An- Without
-lysis destruction of
-graphy process of taking picture
-logist speacialist
-genic forming or to generate
Sono- sound
Echo- Sound
Radi/o X-ray
Superior Above or higher than
Inferior Below or lower than
Nas/o Rhin/o Nose/Nasal Cavity
Epiglottis no word
Trache/o Trachea
Bronc/o Bronchials
Pneum/o Pneumon/o Pulmon/o Lungs
-pnea Pne/o Breath
Laring/o Larynx
Phren/o Diaphragm
Thorac/o Thoracic Cavity . Chest Cavity
Pleur/o Pleura
hyper- increased
hypo- decreased
-algia pain
SOB Short of breath
ENT Ear , nose , and troath specialist
TB, Tb tuberculosis
URI upper repiratory infection
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
-spasm breath
Pharyng/o Pharynx
Spir/o Breath
Endo- Inside
Ex- Outside
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