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BE-T2-Ch 5

Business 205 - Test # 2 - Chapter 5

When determining your message's basic plan, a good beginning is one which: assesses your readers' probable reaction to what you have to say.
"Will you please provide the details of the equipment utilization for the last quarter?" This statement is an example of: a routine inquiry.
Usually, a good place for general explanatory material that fits the entire message is: before or after the direct request in the opening paragraph.
The not-so-good message: begins indirectly with an obvious statement about receipt of the inquiry.
Which of the following is an example of an adjustment-grant message that uses a slow and negative treatment? Begins with an obvious comment about receiving the claim.
Which of the following is a direct and positive technique used in adjustment-grant messages? Uses the subject line to identify the transaction.
Which of the following statements would you expect to find in an acknowledgement? Please find attached the style guide to help you specify the textures for your flooring requirements.
Which of the following is a fair-minded close in a claims message? I would be grateful if you could release the bar on our calls by Tuesday next, when we reopen our shop.
Which of the following is a level of formality in operational communications? Senior-level formality messages
Frankness describes the tone of messages at this level of formality. The goal of the message is simply to exchange the information needed to conduct the company's work. Identify this level of formality. Casual operational
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