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wcc resp

wcc resp term 2

respiratory system pulmonary; breathing; ventilation
respiratory function gas exchange
external respiration gas ex btw alveoli and capillaries
internal respiration gas ex btw the capillaries and tissue
Upper resp between external env and glottis
lower resp glottis to alveoli; neck and thorax
palate roof of mouth; hard palate rostra; soft palate caudal to hard palate
epiglottis small flap of tiss in fron of the opening to trachea
larynx voice box or glottis opening to trachea
arytenoid cartilages landmark for intubation; locat on either side of tracheal open
trachea passageway to the lungs; surrounded by cartilaginous rings
Thoracic inlet where the trachea and bronchi meet and branch; never pass edotracheal tube beyond; ext sternum and first pair of ribs
bronchi air passages into the lungs connects trachea to broncholies
bronchioles smaller passegways into alveoli
alveoli functional part of the lungs
Lungs made up of alveoli and broncholies
lung function gas exchange; body temp; fluid (snzzng; cghng)
Left lobes 2 lobes
right lobes 4 lobes
pleura epithelim lines the thorax and covers the lungs
pleura made of squamous epitherlial tissue
p. function visceral; surronds; parietal lines the thoracic cavity
thoracic cavity contains the lungs heart and bronchi
mediastinum space btwn pleura near the median plan; contains heart; esophagus, trachea aorta and thymus
diaphragm caudal border of the thoracic cavity
Internal and external intercostals rib
ventilation thoracic cavity under neg pressure
inspiration glottis opens and thorax incr, causing air to enter
expiration glottis opens and thorax decr forcing air out
sighing/bagging Prevents collapse (atelectasis) 5-10 unless long procedure or ventral
TV tot vol inspired or expirered during normal resp
TV calc KG * 10-15ml/kg (KG)
Vital tot func capacity
Anatomical dead sp space from the nose to the aveoli
physilogical dead sp anatomical + volume of air in any alveoli that are not being used/not wrkg
mechanical dead sp space from endotracheal tub from mouth until tank
dead space space w/in respiratory sys that contains air that is not involved in gas exch
gas exchange occurs in alveoli;CO2/O2 diffusion
hypoventilation buildup of co2 hypercapnia results in acidosis
hyperventilation exhaling more co2 then normal; hypocapnia; alkalosis
chemical stimuli level of CO2 in bld -> hydrogen ion ->oxygen
crackles intermitten sharp dry snds csd by sudden opening of an airway
decr lung snds absence or muffling; lung consolidation
wheezes (rales) long whistling; air pssg thru narrow airways; asthma
stridor lound raspy snds; upper airway/trachea; partial upper airway obstruction
agonal breathing prior to death
Chylothorax chyle(lymph) in the chest cavity
hemothorax bld in the chest cavity
hydrothorax water in the chest cavity
pneumothorax air in the throax; puncture wound
pyothorax pus in chest cavity
atelectasis lung collaspe
cyanosis bluish mucous memb
hypoxia reduced oxy
pneumonia inflmmation of lungs
pulmonary edema accum of fluid in lungs
pleurisy/pleuritis infammation of the pleura(lining)
PExam ausculation/percussion/radiography/thoracocentesis/transtracheal wash/pulse oximetry
epistaxis nose bleed
rhinitis inflammation of nasal pssge/ bacterial/viral/fungal/parasites/mechnaical/allegic
sinitus; Dz running nose; swollen face; runny eyes
pharryngeal disorders paralysis; pharyngitis (strep (strangels)
laryngeal disorders spasm/stenosis (laryns scars)paralysis/laryngitis/de-barking
tracheal disorders tracheitis/stenosis (ex inflation of tube cuff); collapse (toy breeds)
neoplasia tumors
pneumothorax sucking chest wound
pleural infusion blood/pus/fluid/lymphy (chyl)
flail chest trauma (HBC)
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary dz
COPD dz inflammation of lung tiss/results in scarring heaves
emphyseama inelasticity of lungs due to scarring and chronic inflamm air is trapped in lungs
pneumonia alveioli become flooded with liq and cellular debris
Pulmonary edema accum of tiss fluid in the air sacs (alveoli) CHF/Electrocution/smoke inhal/heat stroke/anaphylaxis
pulmonary thromboembolism blood clots lead to tissue necrosis
Infect Dz Viral/baterial/fungal/parasites
influenza viral
coccidiomycosis vally fever/fungal
Shpping fever bovine respiratory dz/bacteria/pasteurella
neoplasia dz pulmonary adenocarcinoma
expertorants control excrec/thing mucus
mucolyhtics break down mucus
antimicrobials antibacterial/fungal/protozoal
anti-inflammators reduce inflammation
cough suppressors; central acting butorphanol tartrate/torbugesic; hydorcodone bitartrate/codeine; dextromethorphan/ robitussion
cough supp; local demulcents; benzocain/cetocain
anticholinergics brochodilators; atropine, glycopyrrolate
antihistamines brochodilators; benadryl/diphenhydramin; sudaphed/chlorpheniramine; tavist/clemastine
beta-2 adrenergic agonist epeinephrin; albuterol (ventolin); terbulatine (brethine)
diurectics pulmonary edeama; furosemide (lasix)
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