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wcc parasites

wcc term 2 parasites

Need to knowanswer
flea ctenocephalides
bot flies gasterophilus sp; ivermectin
flie/rabbit, mice, cats cuterebra sp; surgical removal
grubs larvae anaphylaxis if crushed hypoderma bovis h. lineatum; ivermectin,
sucking lice anoplura; insecticidal
biting lice mallophaga; insecticidal
tick carry zoonotic dz; ixodidae, hard argasidae, soft-dermacentor/rhipicephalus sanguineous
follicle mite demodex sp. - skin scraping
scabies sarcopties scabiei; zoonotic; skin scraping; ivermectin
feline scabies notoedres cati
walking dandruff mite cheyletiella sp. cellophane tape or pluck
ear mite otodectes cynotis; otoscope cotton tip applicator; ivermectin
salmon fluke nanophyetus salmincola; neorickesttsia; tetracyclin
tapeworm D. C. dipylidium c. prziquantel/fleas;
tapeworm T sp. taenia sp./T. ovis/zoonotic; echinococcus granulosa-humans interm host; praziquantel; hydatid cysts; anaphylactic
Hookworm A. C. ancylostoma caninum; a. braziliense, uncinaria stenocephala, CUTANEOUS LARVAL MIGRANS
Roundworms t. c Visceral Larval Migrans toxocara c. toxascaris leonia;
whipworm T. V. trichuris vulpis; eggs shed erratically vulcan/pointed eggs
Heartworm dirofilaria immitis; humans rare infec with cysts; mosquito
trichinosis trichinella spiralis nematode
protozoa giardia; trophozoite;
coccidia T in utero complications in humans Toxoplasma gondii
protozoa B. tears Babesia/ all species; ticks; blood smear Dx to id tropphozoits
protozoa T.soma slpng scknss; chagas dz Trypanosoma/tropics/tsetse fly;
Parasite T monas trichomonas; veneral dz; saline smear; scrapings
Dipylidium caninum cestode
toxocara canis nematode
Created by: wccvettech