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sports med

sensations of cryo (4) cold discomfort, burning/stinging, achy/throbby, numbness
4 factors affecting depth type of cold, duration of application, thickness of fat, region of body applied to
contraindications of cryo (3) cold allergies, raynauds phenomenon, rheumatoid athritis
raynauds phenomenon spasming of distal arteries
10 types of cryo and time ice cup massage- 15-20, cryocup-20, ice towel- 20, english ice cap-25, hydrocollator- 25-30, cold whirl pool- 20, cold spray- single ap, commercial ice pack 20, cryocuff 30-40, intermittent 20
thermo transmission (4) direct contact, convection, radiation, conversion
thermo decreases...? (3) muscle spasms, pain, joint stiffness
thermo increases...? (5) edema, blood flow, metabolic rate, collaen elesticity, capillary permeability
cryo decreases....? (4) muscle spasms, pain perception, blood flow, metabolic rate
cryo increases...? (1) muscle stiffness
types of thermo and time (7) whirlpool (20), hydrocollator (20), elecrtic heat pad (20), paraffin (20), infrared lamp (15-25), counter irritant (single ap), ultra sound (5-15)
other modalities (3) contrast, stim, massage
types of massage (6) effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, vibration, milking
efleurage? long strokes
petrissage? kneading
definition of massage systematic manipulation of soft tissue in the body to promote a healing effect
rehab? restoration of an injured body part to pre-injury fitness through use of therapeutic modalities and exercises
rules of rehab (5) prevent de-condtioning, heal w/o hampering, positive psychological enviornment, keep athlete with team, dr. has final word
PRICES protection, rest, ice, compression, elevation, support
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