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Term 2 drugs

wccvettech term 2 drugs

Furosemide - Lasix® decrease venous congestion; fluid; diuretic
Hydralazine Arteriole dilators; improve cardiac output
Nitroglycerine Transdermal Venodilators; improve cardiac output
enalapril captopril vasodialators-Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors
Digoxin - Cardoxin®, positive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heart
Digitalis positive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heart
Digitoxin positive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heartpositive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heart
Dopamine positive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heart
Dobutamine positive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heart
epinephrine positive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heart
cardoxin positive inotropes, increase force of contraction of the heart
Lidocaine anti-arrhythmia; ventricular arrhythmia
Procainamide anti-arrhythmia for PVC's
Propanolol - Beta Blocker anti-arrhythmia; slows the heart rate and overrides sympathetic tone
Diltiazem, Verapamil - Calcium Blockers anti-arrhythmia ; vasodilation and slow heart rate
Atropine, Glycopyrrolate - Anticholinergics anti-arrhythmia ; block vaga effect
Isoproterenol - Sympathomimetic anti-arrhythmia ; mimics effect of the sympathetic nervous syst
Phenylbutazone (“Bute”), NSAID
Flunixin Meglumine (Banamine®), NSAID
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), NSAID
Acetaminophen NSAID toxic to cats
Carprofen (Rimadyl) NSAID; osteoarthrities in K9
etodolac (Etogesic NSAID; osetoarthrities K9 longer acting
Meloxican (Metacam) nsaid; inhibit COX enzyme
Deraxocib (Deramax) nsaid; inhibit COX enzyme
naloxon (Narcan) reverse Agonist - Opioid analgesic
Nallorphine reverse Agonist - Opioid analgesic
Naltrexone reverse Agonist - Opioid analgesic
morphine Pure agonist - reverse with antagonist
oxymorphone Pure agonist rev w/antagonist
meperidine Pure agonist rev w/antagonist
codeine pure agonist rev w/antagonist
fentanyl pure agonist rev w/antagonist
butorphanol (torbugesic) mixed agonist/antagonist
buprenorphine (buprenex) mixed agonist/antagonist
methocarbamol (robaxin)( muscle relax intervertebral disk dx; sprains; axoturia
dexamethasone Corticosteroids AKA steroids
prednisolone Corticosteroids AKA steroids
methylprednisolone Corticosteroids AKA steroids
triamcinolone Corticosteroids AKA steroids
betamethosone Corticosteroids AKA steroids
solu-medrol Corticosteroids AKA steroids
corticosteroids (blank)
NSAID's (blank)
Diuretics (blank)
Anti-arrhytmia (blank)
Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide); oral, IV chemotherapy
Leukeran (chlorambucil); oral chemotherapy
Alkeran (melphalan); oral chemotherapy
Platinol (cisplatin); IV chemotherapy
Paraplatin (carboplatin); IV chemotherapy
Antimetabolites Cytosar-U (cytarabine); SQ, IV
Antitumor antibiotics Doxirubicin (adriamycin); RED; IV
Plant akaloids Vincristine; IV Vinblastinve; IV Etoposide; oral
Hormones prednisone; testosterone
misc chemo DTIC (dacarbazine); Elspar (asparaginaseP
expectorant (blank)
mucolytics Mucomyst (acetylcysteine)
anitmicrobials (blank)
anti-inflammatories (blank)
Butorphanol tartrate: Torbugesic antitussive; central acting
hydrocodone bitrartrate or codeine antitussive; central acting
dextromethorphan antitussives; central acting
demulcents anititussive; local acting
benzocaine, cetocaine antitussive; local acting
atropine anticholinergic
diphenhydramine; benadryl antihistamine
chlorpheniramine anitihistamines
hydroxyzine (atarax) antihistamine
clemastine tavist antihistamine
epinephrine beta 2 adrenergic agonists
albuterol - ventolin beta 2 adrenergic agonists
terbulatine brethine beta 2 adrenergic agonists
theophylline (theo-dur) bronchodilators
aminophyllin brochodilators
phenylpropanolamine Opropagest) decongestants
phenylephrine (neo-synephrine) decongestants
furosemide (lasix) diuretic
doxapram HCI (dopram) respiratory stimulants, gen anesthesia
naloxone (narcan) respitory stiumulatns (rev dpression cause by opoid)
Yohimbine (yobine) rever resp depression caused by xylazine (rompun)
Created by: wccvettech