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Al contrario As a matter of fact
Amable Nice
Loas animales de peluche Stuffed animals
Aventureros Adventurous
El Bautizo Baptism
Bondadoso Generous
Buena gente Nice person
Callado Quiet
Carinoso Affectionate
Chismoso A gossip
Chistoso Funny
Columpiarse To swing
Como Eras ...? What were you like ... ?
Compartir los juguetes Share Toys
Con que sonabas? What did you dream of?
Consentido Spoiled
Contar chistes/cuentos To tell jokes/stories
Concversador Talkative
El Cuento Story
Curioso Curious
De pequeno As a child
Los Dibujos animados Cartoons
Echar carreras To run races
Egoista Selfish
En aquel entonces Back then
la enfermedad Sickness
Estricto Strict
Fascinar To love
Hacer Travesuras To play tricks
Impaciente Impatient
Jugar To play
... a la casita House
... a las damas Checkers
... al escondite Hide-and-seek
... con bloques With blocks
... con carritos With toy cars
.. al pilla-pilla Tag
Jugueton Playful
Las Laminas Trading Cards
Llevarse bien/mal To get along well/badly
Molestar To bother
La Muerte Death
Las Munecas Dolls
El Nacimiento Birth
Obediente Obedient
Odiar To hate
Paciente Patient
La partida Departure
Pelearse To fight
Created by: professorwho
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