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Geography Revision:

Geography Revision for Exams and other infomation

A Legend Show where the Map Begins and ends? The Answer is false.
The orientation symbol shows us which way the map faces? The Answer is true.
There are only two ways that scale can be written? The Answer is true.
Maps are usually drawn from ground view? The Answer is false.
A conventional symbol is one that is widely recognized? The Answer is true.
What is one of the items that all maps must have? One of the items a map should have is an orientation.
Why is that an Important? An orientation is important because it helps the reader understand which way to read the map.
What is another item that all maps have to have? Another item all the maps have to have is a legend.
Why is that an important item? It is an important item because it allows the reader to understand the little pictures.
How do you show an area of water on map? You use lines or a colored area.
If part of the map is colored in or shaded, is this an area or point or line symbol? It is a large area of land or thing.
What does scale show? Scale shows how big the item or thing is in real life.
What does linear scale look like? A linear scale has numbered lines.
What does ratio scale look like? A ratio Scale represents a representative fraction.
If one centimeter on a map = 100m, what size would 5 cm represent? It would be 500m.
If one centimeter on a map = 500m, what size would 2cm be? It would be 300m.
What are the cardinal points of a compass? A cardinal point on a compass are used to describe direction.
What are the inter-cardinal points of a compass? They are the four divided inter-cardinal points= north,east- south,east- south,west and north,west.
J7 is an example of a __________ reference? Coordinate.
What reference do we use when were looking at world maps? We look at longitude and latitude.
why are lines of longitude and latitude sometimes drawn curved lines? they are sometimes curved because of the weather and the earth.
Name 10 Countries of the Asia pacific? papa new guenni-India-China-Japan-Singapore-Hong Kong-North Korea-Philip Island- Fiji and South Korea.
What are Continental Plates? Continental plate is a large piece of the earths crust that floats on magma beneath the earths surface.
What special skill do the penan people of Borneo use to survive? they use spears and hunting skills to survive.
What adaptions do the sherpas of Nepal have that allows them to live high in the mountains? the adaptions are they eat yak, yum and milk they hunt their food.
which Asia pacific country do the Torres Strait Island turtle hunters belong to? they belong to the aboriginals such as Australia.
What is nomad? a nomad is a person tat moves places every day.
What type of home do Mongolian nomads use? they live in temporary homes named Ger.
is a mesa a mountain, desert r river land form? it is a mountain.
is a tributary a mountain, desert or river land form? it is a river land form.
name three coastal land forms? 3 coastal land forms are lagoon atoll-split and harbor.
List the five different Asia pacific biomes? grass land- forest- wetland- desert- and mountain.
Created by: cfakhoury