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AS Unit 3

governments and economies

Leaders in this type of government inherit their position; have complete control over their government and ofen are referred to as kings or emperors Monarchy
Leaders in this type of government are elected; the people of the country have a say in their government policay and can change the law if needed Democracy
This type of government has a king or emperor, but also has a lawmaking body that holds most of the power Constitutional Monarchy
This type of government is completely controlled by one person or a small group; military force is usually used to gain power Dictatorship
The result of the restriction of a culture from outside cultural influences by a repressive government or group. Ex: Taliban Cultural divergence
This is how elements of culture are transmitted from one grouop ot another: Ex: Internet, TV Diffusion
The average number of people per square mile Population density
An example of this would be Cascade Rural
a place where important ideas begin and spread out. Ex: College town Cultural Hearth
The growth of city population Urbanization
The number of live births per 1,000 people per year Birthrate
Occurs when skills arts, ideas, habits and institutions of one culture come in contact withthose of another Cultural Convergence
An example of a country with a traditional economy: US, Japan, Chad, or Canada Chad
In which type of economy does the government control production and distribution of products Command
In which type of economy do private industries decide what to produce and how much to sell it for? Market
In which type of economy do the people produce just enough to provide for their families. AKA Subsistence Traditional
Which type of economy is most likely to have high literacy rates and low poverty rates? Market
Which government structure is set up to have the central government run the entire nation? Unitary
Which goverment structure gives some powers to the national goverment and some to teh state/local governments? Federation
Which goverment structure has smaller political units that govern themselves and give very little power to the central government? Confederation
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